Do You Have A Personal Computer At Your Home? Yes, Then Check Out These Apps

Computer and Technology

The evolution of technology has brought out many innovative things which are we using in our daily life. These things have somehow sorted our lives. The invention of the computer was among one of the greatest achievements that have been made in history. Also, these computers have an evolutionary account of their own. And covering the path from their invention till now, the computer of today’s generation has been changed. Now they have become more cheaply, calmer and more feasible.

Today almost a PC is present in every house. Therefore, I have mentioned some of the must apps that you can install in your pc through pc app store download.


Are you stressing with changing those multiple applications windows then this is the application for you. This application is very lightweight, and it helps you in organizing the desktop by having access to assemble multiple windows. With this application, you can work easily on your projects by grouping the applications according to your project.


This application raises your experience by adding many features to your Microsoft. It lets you handle your PC more comfortable by aligning the windows together. By this, you can set the transparency levels of the windows and also you can place it right on the top. This is one application that you should once try from pc app store download.

MultiMonitor tool

This tool enables you to work within multiple monitors at one time. You can also move your desired window from one monitor to another by only using the command line or graphical user interface. Another feature that makes it more fantasizing is that you can view the content of a non-primary monitor that you have been switched off also it allows you to have access the contents of any monitor and the window can be resized as well.

These are some of the apps that can enhance your experience while using your PC.

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