7 Perks Of Having An Android Smartphone

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Android is the market leader when it comes to smartphones. It not only offers a plethora of applications in many categories, it also had interesting options in more than one games apk category. Below are mentioned the top 7 reasons as to why Android is a more preferred platform when it comes to choosing a smartphone.

  1. Diversity of smartphone models

Android is just the OS, and it does not restrict phone manufacturing companies from using it. As a result, users have a multitude of choices when it comes to buying a smartphone for himself/herself. For example, an HTC loyalist can stick to the brand while getting the features of the Android OS, just like a Samsung loyalist can.

  1. Widgets

Use of widgets on the Android OS makes using it extremely easy. Widgets grant quick and easy access to various settings and options.

  1. Numerous app choices

While Google Play Store itself offers a huge variety of games and applications in various categories, there are other websites as well which offer quite decent Android apps. This gives you the flexibility to choose.

  1. Custom Keyboards

SwiftKey is a good example of a custom keyboard available on Android but not on Apple devices.

  1. Cost-Effective

Android is by far the most cost-effective for the features it provides, when compared to Apple or Blackberry, another reason why it is extremely popular among people of all income groups.

  1. Bigger displays

Since Android is available among various phone brands, you also have the option to choose one with a bigger screen size. The same is not the case with Blackberry or Apple.

  1. User-friendly

Android offers the most user-friendly interface among all others in the market. The platform is easy to navigate and use, and can be operated by people of all age groups.

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