How To Attract More Subscribers And Views On Youtube

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If you plan to make a living out of posting videos on Youtube, then there may be a rocky road ahead of you. Of course, there is the demonization, the politics and such, and some YouTubers will end their career before it even starts. Now, if your goal is to show the world your specific skills, like your gaming expertise or just goofing around, then who will stop you?

Any favorite Youtubers tackle a specific aspect, like gaming, sports or hobbies. Now, you are starting your Youtube channel, so how can you get those subscribers?

The Content That Matters And Getting The Right Audience

The onset of creating a Youtube channel, you first want to choose what topic are you going to focus on. Do you need to show the world your gaming prowess? Your expertise in a particular craft? Or an instructional channel for a certain kind of task? It all depends on you and based on this. You will gradually get like-minded subscribers who are also interested in your topic. Also, make every video as entertaining, or informative as possible, but not in a cringy and over-the-top way too.

Strategic Placement And Uploading Of Content

In catching the attention of viewers, it is essential to name your videos strategically. Another thing: you don’t want that bland, generic Youtube layout. You need to also pump up your Youtube channel layout for a better first impression to potential subscribers. A good custom thumbnail too can go a long way.

also, your attitude towards whatever you are doing on your video is critical too. Lighten up, laugh at your mistakes, and be human, for those are the qualities people usually love. Lastly, asking for subscribers might be the easiest way and seems like cheating, but it does works.


Finally, be who you are. Being yourself can surely garner a lot of subscribers, unlike those who buy youtube views. Be honest, and true to your viewers, for that is the real secret in getting a lot of subscribers.

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