Basic Steps In Converting Youtube Videos To Audio Format

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YouTube has the most extensive collection of videos among video streaming websites right now. From instruction and tutorial videos to music videos, YouTube practically has everything. And it is only expected that they also have the greatest number of viewership in terms of numbers and demographics. Everyone visits YouTube to learn, watch sports, see movie trailers and even just to listen to music.

There may be times where one would want to enjoy YouTube’s content even if they’re not online, like listening to music from YouTube videos. However, YouTube’s terms of service limits users to doing just that. Fortunately for everyone, there are ways where one can download and enjoy YouTube videos for offline consumption. There are even ways to convert your favorite YouTube music videos into MP3’s of offline listening. Take a look at the site here YouTube MP3 converter and marvel at how developers have given users power to take charge of their media consumption.

Depending on which tool you use, the directions may vary but here are general steps to download and convert YouTube videos into MP3 files:

Choose a video downloader and converter tool

Before you can download and convert YouTube videos into audio digital file for offline consumption, you have to know which online tool you need to use. There are a number of available video downloader and converters out there, each with their own features and settings. It’s a matter of preference, choosing which one you think suits your needs best.

Take note of the video’s URL

The specific URL of your chosen video is the most important step in any video-converting online tool. Most converters will only recognize YouTube URL’s but there are some that can download and convert videos from other video streaming sites such as daily motion. The first step is simply just copying the URL onto a provided text box within the converter tool.

Selecting an audio format

Most YouTube video downloader-converter will automatically convert your chosen video into an MP3. There are, however, tools that go beyond this, allowing you to choose a format of your liking, from WAV to FLAC to ALAC. Some go as far as to giving you options on the bitrate of your audio file.

Click and wait

Most, if not all, online converter tools are intuitive and easy to use. It’s just a matter of copying the URL and clicking a button, yielding your audio file within seconds. There some that will have more customizability and freedom in terms of the final file, but the bottom-line is, converting a YouTube video into an audio format is just a few clicks away.

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