Dos And Don’ts Of Laser Hair Removing Treatment

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Are you planning to go for laser hair removal of late? Well, there are various salons dedicated to laser hair removal and they are doing some really wonderful jobs. You may also check out at-home laser hair removal devices. It’s advised to check out reviews to find out the best laser hair removal device for you. Now, irrespective of your laser removal method, there are some dos and don’ts to follow for your own safety.

The Dos

Consult a doctor

Laser hair removal is not suitable for everyone. Thus, you should always consult with your doctor and get a comprehensive health assessment before the final decision. Proceed only if your doctor deems you to be fit for laser hair removal.

Shave prior to the treatment

You need to shave to prepare your body before your laser hair removal session. Shave at least couple of days prior to your session. This routine should be followed for both salon and at-home laser hair removal sessions.

Clean yourself thoroughly

Before you set out for the treatment, make sure to clean up your body thoroughly with a mild gentle cleanser. You must remove all dirt, oil and makeup from skin.

The Don’ts

Don’t get out in the sun

You must avoid sun minimum 6 weeks prior to your treatment. So, don’t go for tanning as a tanned skin has high chances of experiencing blisters and burns from a laser treatment. You must follow the same routine 1 week after your laser treatment as well.

No caffeine

Your body and skin should be in a relaxed state before & during a laser treatment. Caffeine tends to agitate the body. Thus, you must avoid coffee or any caffeinated drink minimum 24 hours prior to your treatment. You can drink something that keeps your body cool, like watermelon juice.


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