Life Lessons That Mean Girls Is Trying To Tell

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The movie Mean Girls doesn’t just show the possible real life situations of a high school girl student, it taught the viewers some pretty valuable lessons as well. In this article, we will try to breakdown some important highlights on the teachings the movie taught its viewers. One of it is choosing who become. Mean Girls taught us that we will always have a choice no matter what circumstances there will be. Cady (Lindsay Lohan) realizes when she joined the group of Plastic Girls, she realizes that she just became the person she hated in the first place. As the movie progress, Cady was able to bounce back and reflects on the misdeeds she has done, showed her maturity, inner growth and emotional strength to allow the changes to happen.

Another life teaching that Mean Girls wanted portray for us is that we are allowing ourselves to succumb to pressure when it comes to criticizing our own selves. This action will eventually lead to nothing but pain and insecurity, the movie suggest that we should break the barrier from ourselves not to do this type of behavior. Also, the movie taught us that we should be confident at all times even there are distractions and heavy criticism that we put to ourselves. It is being true to who we are inside and out that matters most. It also being said and wanted the movie for us to realize is that, don’t let change come to you. We can picture out and create the change we want to happen. We can be the pillar of hope and take charge of the wish we put into to see with our very own eyes.

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