Automatic DM To Twitter Followers – To Do Or Not To Do?

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Marketers on Twitter are divided on the validity of sending automatic direct messages to followers. If one group says there is no harm in sending automatic DMs, another group seems to be extremely apprehensive about the whole thing. Now, it’s to note here Twitter does allow automatic DMs but under certain specific conditions. In fact, your automatic DM could be chucked off if the message does not meet relevant Twitter criteria.

Here are two things to remember while sending automatic DMs

  • Your message must not contain any link
  • You can only send automatic DMs to those followers who have agreed to or have opted-in to receive automatic DMs for you. You can just send automatic DMs randomly to just anyone who follows you.

Why not to send?

The # 1 reason why many marketers advise against automatic DMs is that these are often considered to be spammy. If your followers find constant spammy (according to their perception) messages from your side, most of them will unfollow you at some point of time. Would you risk your hard-earned followers for mere automatic direct messages? Certainly not.

According to these marketers, basic automatic DMs like –“Welcome” or “Thanks for following”- are unnecessary. When a person is following you, s/he is doing that voluntarily. There is no need to spam your follower’s feed with unnecessary messages. In fact, such unnecessary messages could hamper your overall reputation before your followers.

But some DMs are helpful

If you want my response, it would be that although automatic DMs are usually unnecessary- yet some of them could be helpful. These are the ones that talk about special offer which can add some degree of value to the recipient’s life. For example, say you want to offer an ebook for free that would be really useful to your target niche. You can create an automatic message on it and then send it to your recipients.

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