Converting Office Format To PDF Without Adobe Acrobat

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Briefing on PDF

Portable Document Format, popularly called as PDF is the popular format of documents preferred by several organizations in today’s time. Developed by Adobe in the 1990s, this format is used to present all of the documents, including image files in a manner that can quickly be processed and read by all of the devices, independent of their hardware and software configurations. With such importance, Microsoft Office Tools have default PDF converter based in Adobe interface. However, there is also other pdf conversion tool that does not require going via Adobe Acrobat. The article speaks more of the same.

Features of the ideal

There are several PDF conversion tools available online, but only the best selection can help in a smooth conversion. Thus, the following are the basic features of the best and ideal pdf conversion tool: –

  • Offers a very smooth interface for the entire conversion to take place without any lagging
  • Has the drop-down feature where the file to be converted can easily be dragged from its icon and dropped directly for the conversion tool
  • Do not charge any penny for the conversions. However, they limit the number of conversions to be done in an hour
  • Provide encryption for the digital signatures that can secure the files in a better manner

Steps of conversion

The following are the necessary steps that need to be followed while using the pdf conversion tool: –

  • Open the converter by going to its official website.
  • Access the file to be converted by either browsing the same or merely using the drop-down feature inbuilt within the tool.
  • Once dropped, the conversion procedure would take place for some seconds, and then the option would be displayed to download the converted pdf.
  • In other cases, the file gets downloaded automatically.

Thus, in this manner, PDF conversion can take place even without going via Adobe Acrobat.

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