Why An Upright Vacuum Cleaner Is A Better Choice

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For anyone who has done significant amount of cleaning at home, having a trusty vacuum cleaner is important. Dust and small dirt, especially those stuck in between carpet and rug fibers, are quite challenging to remove without the use of a vacuum cleaner. Traditionally, upright vacuum cleaners, like the Dyson Cyclone v10, were the preferred type for such cleaning jobs. Recently, however, new types of vacuum cleaners, like the canister type or the handheld one, have been slowly gaining popularity on a number of households.

Though these new types of vacuum cleaner offer advantages over the traditional upright one, there are still things and features they can’t compete with upright vacuum cleaners. We’ve listed down some of the reasons why you should still use upright vacuum cleaners for your daily cleaning tasks.

They are in the middle ground in terms of cost

Upright vacuum cleaners tend to be cheaper compared to canister ones, while offering practically the same cleaning power. And while they are more expensive than handheld ones, portable ones are significantly less powerful compared to upright ones. If budget is a concern but you don’t want to compromise the cleaning power, then upright vacuum cleaners are the sensible choice.

They have motorized brushing action

There are times when dirt, dust or fur are deep-seethed in between carpet and rug fibers that the normal sucking action of a vacuum cleaner will not cut it. Upright vacuum cleaners have built-in brushing action that help dislodge dirt and fur from the fibers for easier cleaning. The brushes also increase the cleaning surface area of upright vacuum cleaners, allowing you to cover more ground and be more efficient in cleaning.

Some models have variable settings for different surfaces

While all vacuum cleaners are efficient enough in dealing with dirt and dust in practically most floor surfaces, some are challenged in cleaning hard floors. Upright vacuum cleaners are not hindered by the floor surface and can be used on practically all type of floors, hard floors in particular.

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