Handbrake: Free FLV to MP4 Converter

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MP4 is a widely used format and almost every device can run these files. This is the reason why many people find themselves looking for a converter that can convert video files from less popular formats like FLV to MP4. The recommended tool is Handbrake, if you want to know how to use this tool then you can read more about it down in the article. Here is why this tool is recommended:

Here are a few features of this too.

  1. Both CFR and VFR formats are supported.
  2. You will find a lot of Video Filters.
  3. Option to use chapter marks is present.
  4. If you need live static video preview then this is for you.
  5. You can perform simple editing like adding subtitles and cropping the video.
  6. The application is licensed and trustable.

Now it is also very easy to use, consider converting FLV to MP4 here are some reasons why Handbrake is recommended for the job.

  1. Step 1

Download the software to convert your FLV files to MP4. Once download is completed, launch the software to follow next steps.

  1. Step 2

Now you have to select your FLV file. To do this, click on the source menu. You will find this option on top of the program.  You will now get a list of files and from the list, select your FLV file.

  1. Step 3

Next step is to select the output format. For this example, the output format is MP4

  1. Step 4

Now you just have to initiate the conversion. Click on the start button and the conversion will start.

You can convert your video by following just these four steps.

Handbrake is available for Windows and also for Mac. It is a very useful tool and is ideal for conversion to MP4. You can get it for free from the official site.

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