Different Types Of Card Games


Playing cards have always been a form of entertainment across the globe. From a go to game of office workers on their idle time to a platform where friends and family members play together, it is undeniable that card games are always on the top list of entertainment. This has become even powerful through the continuous advancement of technology. Today, card games can now be accessed and played in different devices such as mobile phones, pc and console. No doubt, online games like DominoQQ are the rage of all gamers today. In this article you will learn some of the different types of card games.


This card game was developed and evolved in America. Spades can be played teamed or singles. It is very simple to learn. At the start of the game, each team bids a particular number of tricks. Hence, winning the game is connected to the least committed number of tricks. The main goal of the game for a player to win is to reach 500 points first.


This game has been in the gaming world for decades now. Solitaire can be played alone or teamed. Though the graphics evolved over the years, the mechanics remain the same. The ultimate objective for the player to win is to arrange the cards in sequence with red and black cards alternated to one another.


When it comes to the most played betting card, Poker is always on top of the list. Simply, to determine the winner of this game, a player must have the best combination of cards obtained.

Texas Hold’em

This game is similar to poker but it involves more psychological and mathematical calculations.


This card game is also known as 21 in casinos. It is considered as a gambling card game

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