The Risks Of Using Rat Poisons

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With the climate becoming more and more frigid, rodents and mice begin looking for refuge in hot, comfortable places, which is often people’s home. People fed up with rats and mice infestations might be tempted to use rat poisons. If you are considering the use of rat poisons, then be sure to read this article first. This will inform you of the dangers of using rat poisons, which a lot of rat poisons reviews does not state.

The risks of using Bromethalin

Did you know that Bromethalin might be responsible for the death of a local mountain lion? If this poison can kill a big cat, then imagine what it can do to your pets.

Although this kind of mouse toxin seems like it is an ACR type like bromadiolone and brodifacoum, it is really not. It is completely not related to coagulation, and as such, cannot be cured using vitamin K. Bromethalin has no known antidote. It works by triggering brain inflammation. If your pets or nearby animals are showing symptoms such as anxiety, seizure, tremors, uncontrollable vomiting, coma, and even death, then they might be a victim of this rat toxin.

What to do in case a pet ingested Bromethalin

You can try to cause vomiting, giving activated charcoal, administering IV fluids, giving anti-seizure treatment, and providing care for the affected animal.

How general rat poison kills

General rat poison can be a danger to humans too, in addition to being a danger with animals. Rat toxin usually makes use of an anticoagulant which thins a rodent’s blood, thus slowly killing it from the inside. The reason for this killing method is so that the rat cannot determine where the poison is coming from. Rats will actively avoid eating a bait that has dead rats nearby.

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