Electric Shaver Reviews – Find The Best Electric Shaver That Suits You

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If you are looking to buy an electric shaver but is confused by the number of electric shavers available in the market, then you can find some great choices here. Listed below are some of the best electric shavers that you can buy right now:

  1. Panasonic Arc5 Best Model ES-LV95-S

This shaver is very expensive, but it is the equivalent of a Rolex watch in men’s hygiene. This is simply among the greatest shavers that you can buy, and if you don’t mind spending a lot on shavers, then this might be your best bet. This shaver features five blades, which will ensure that all facial hair, even those who are thick and unwielding will be gone in an instant.

  1. Braun Series 9 9290cc

Men who are familiar with electric shavers probably know Braun, a company from Germany that is a pioneer in the electric shaver industry for many years.

The Braun Series 9 shavers, particularly the 9290cc model offers a great and comfortable grip which will surely fit with your hands. This electric shaver is created from a plastic material with a chrome finish, which results in its sleek appearance. It is also reliable and it is obvious that it will last you for years. This shaver does not fail to deliver a clean shave compared to any other foil shavers.

Braun runs on the four-way shear structure, which is actually a mixture of suspended grills, 4 cutting components and a couple of Optifoil foils to produce a clean shave that is comparable to the results of a time consuming traditional shaver. The corporation states that you will find “40,000 cross-cutting” activities each minute that will make sure that you get a clean and quick shave.

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