A Guide To The Best Drivers For Beginner Golf Players


Golf is a sport that can be intimidating for beginners, those who want to jump into it or learn the sport for the first time. The vast range of golf clubs to choose from, add to it the complicated techniques needed to learn in order to play, make jumping into golf a daunting task for most beginners.

While it’s difficult to put in writing effective ways to help a person learn the necessary knowledge in techniques for starting golf, we can definitely help with choosing the best golf set for beginners by writing down some of the best drivers for those who are just starting out with golf, keeping in mind other important points such as the length of shaft, type of material and head appropriate for beginners.

2016 TaylorMade M2

This particular driver is built on a proprietary 7-layer carbon composite crown making it one of the lightest and thinnest golf clubs available, ideal for beginner golfers. It’s ultra-light and ultra-thin properties delivers in both distance and forgiveness and is designed to have a high MOI and provide a high ball speed for beginners. The only drawback is this club does not have adjustable weights, which make it less flexible for a number of golf players.

Callaway XR 16 Driver

The Callaway XR 16 is known as the ideal beginner’s club for high handicappers. It has a large clubhead permitting a big MOI linked with one of the lowest and deepest centers of gravity placements. They also feature a new RMOTO Face Technology that provides up to 19% lighter and thinner clubs and shaft, providing an increase in ball speed across the face.

Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver

Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver, while being known as one of the best drivers for beginners, is also popular as one of the best drivers for distance. Its movable center-weight makes it flexible for adjustability choices and the 15-gram removable weight in the low-back of the center enhances the MOI size and forgiveness.

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