6 Great Fun Facts About Australia For Kids

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Every country is known for some extraordinary and funny things, and so is Australia. It is also known as an island country as it is the only country that is on the continent. There are some fun facts about Australia for kids and others. It seems quite funny when you hear such Australia facts for kids. Now let us gain some information about these facts and know why these are the fun facts which are as follows:

  1. Australia first has been referred to as the ‘New Holland’ because of so many criminals that were sent there for being punished.
  2. Australia is known for the species as it has over 750 reptile species, but people often find it scary to visit there as the species there are quite dangerous and it is highly unlikely that you’ll find and encounter one.
  3. There are a great number of wild kangaroos in there, and also you will get to see many wild camels there.
  4. Earlier, kids find it difficult to study as they live on giant stations, and they started going to school through the School of the Air. With the ease of the Internet, they started getting the lessons through the mails.
  5. People of Australia are known for their crimes. They had the misfortune of being poor, and with this misfortune, they do the crime of stealing beans and a loaf of bread. Some do this type of crimes, while some people went to prison for serious crimes.
  6. Australian people are known for their English as they tend to shorten the sentences by making the use of idioms.

Final saying

The facts mentioned above are some of the fun facts that are known for the people of Australia and need to be known by the kids.

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