The Top 3 Things You Can Do To Upgrade Your YouTube Marketing

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1. Find out about your target audience

Youtube gives you everything you need to get information regarding your viewers. You can access your Analytics tab in your account, which possesses a lot of statistics associated with your Youtube channel. You can analyze those statistics and gain quantitative information regarding your channel as well as the behavior of your audience. You can also view things such as view number, the regular watch time of your videos, profits earned, and connections between your videos.

You can always learn a thing or two about your audience through the Analytics tab, so make sure to utilize it to your full advantage.

2. Include a downloader to your videos

You can add tips on how to download videos from Youtube as part of your marketing plan for Youtube. Let’s face it, there is a lot of interest in downloading videos for offline viewing, so including one will definitely increase the scope of your audience reach. By adding things such as Youtube Playlist Downloader and video to mp3 converter, you can easily increase the traffic of your channel.

3. Study your rival channels

If you want to trump all the other competing Youtube channels out there, you should know how they operate. The good news is, most of the necessary information to recognize and study your competitors can be seen on their channel itself.

All you need to do is search the Youtube channels of your competitors and note the video clips they have that features the most views. View those videos yourself so you can see what kind of video that is being watched by their audience. Do the same to their videos that have the least views, so you can get a sense on what to stay away from.


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