3Dragon City Rare, Legendary And Pure Breeding Guide


If you are a fanatic and serious player of Dragon City, you know how exciting and challenging it is to breed dragon and to complete the list of all the dragons in the game. Being able to complete all the dragons from the common types to the rarest ones is already considered as a success and achievement by a lot of Dragon City players.  As such, rare, legendary, and pure dragons are the most coveted and wanted dragons in dragon city. However, breeding these dragons will take a lot of time and luck. So to help you out, here are some tips that you may use when you are aiming for these popular and most wanted types of dragons in the game.

Legendary Dragons

There are 4 dragons that are considered legendary in the game; mirror, legendary, crystal and win dragon. The possibility of having a successful breed from these dragons is low. This is because these dragons share the same elements or combination to be breed which is the rare+rare dragon combi. When it comes to the fastest and easiest combination to breed a dragon is the cool fire + cool fire dragon combo.

Rare Dragon

Basically, there are 7 rare dragons in the game namely cool fire, soccer, armadillo, gummy, petroleum, pirate and poo. Since these dragons have opposite qualities and elements, they are one of the hardest dragons to breed. The fastest and most efficient way to breed them is through the combination of cool fire.

Pure Dragons

There are 2 types of pure dragon in the game, the pure elemental and the ppure. Compared to legendary dragon, the chances of sucesfully breeding these dragons is much lower. The best way to obtain pure dragon is by breeding legendary dragon to another legendary dragon.  You may also want yo use dragon city hacks, farming bots and other cheats.

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