Choosing The Best Toy For Chewer Dogs

Shopping and Product Reviews

A few canines like to treat their treats roughly. Normal toys like stuffed corgi plush will be torn apart in no time, which is surely a way to waste your money buying even more toys to replace those ripped apart. Nevertheless, even though dogs can be careless at times, they are still worthy of some sturdy toys to play with. If your dog is one of those dogs who are tearing through their toys like a hot knife on butter, then you came to the right place. Here is a guide on how to pick the best toys for aggressive chewers:

Selecting the best chew toy material

The materials listed below are the best choice that you can make if your dog is an aggressive chewer. Be sure to buy toys with materials made from the items below. However, you should still supervise your dogs as no material can withstand the punishment of chewing indefinitely.

1. Rubber

Nearly all of the dog toys specifically for aggressive chewers are created from rubber. This is because rubber is resilient and practically invulnerable. You should search for toys made out of rubber first before trying other materials. You can simply search for rubber toys with smooth, comfortable sides that are sleek and not too pointed. Fluffy rubber toys may also be perfect for pups who are forming their teeth.

2. Heavy rope

Toys made from rope are another common dog toy intended for hard chewers. Rope toys are sturdy, tough and simple to wash. It is also somewhat harmless, because at most, your dog will only swallow a few pieces of rope made from cotton which will not require much medical attention. Rope toys can also be used to play with your dog, or make a couple of dogs play with each other.

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