Paper Straws – A Boon Or Bane

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It’s safe to state that the worldwide campaign against the utilization of plastic straws reached fever pitch this year, with numerous organizations and individuals discarding plastic straws for paper ones. In any case, are paper straws extremely the eco-friendly elective they guarantee to be?

The main dispute for utilizing paper straws rather than plastic ones is that paper is ecological. This implies it can normally be split down and won’t end up sailing in the seas or being gulped by turtles. In any case, the fix isn’t as straightforward as swapping plastic for paper.

Things to know about plastic straws are :

  • Plastic straws are non-ecological and plastic never degrades fully
  • Approximately plastic straws can take up to 200 years to breakdown in simpler form but never ever degrade fully, thus will never leave the earth fully.
  • From a research it has been found that straws are the 11th most found substance in the ocean.
  • Recently few scientists found a straw inside the nostril of a sea turtle which made it hard for the animal to breathe
  • The fragments of the plastic can pollute the land and ocean as well

How is paper straws good over plastic straws?

  • Paper straws are considered as a great substitute to plastic straws
  • Paper straws are ecological and biodegradable in nature and can degrade
  • As they are biodegradable it will not harm the environment and it creatures unlike plastic
  • Many big fast food companies have already started using the paper straws in place of plastic straws for the eco- friendly environment

Many scientists and researchers say that even though the paper straws are ecological and degradable but they also take a very long time to break down, these so called decomposable materials can take a long time to decompose, longer than 180 days and even after that they do not vanish completely.

So paper straw are still better than the plastic straws and should be banned  totally.


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