Does Fornite Consider As One of The Biggest Game Of All Time?


The debate in this question has already been around on every question-and-answer website. All have argued about the question of how Fornite is considered to be the biggest game of all time. We all know that the game Fortnite has been popular since its release in 2017. It is one of the highest numbers of players ever played in a game, recording about 250 million players played between June and March of 2018. Moreover, with 125 million new players registered in this game. Thus, making it the biggest free-to-play multiplayer game in history. However, some critics are disapproving of this. Other games are more popular and have higher player numbers than Fortnite. But it didn’t stop the players and gamers to choose Fortnite as one of the biggest game of all time.

It is Rather Popular, Not the Biggest Game

The game Fortnite is considered as the biggest game for the moment and not as the biggest game of all time. Despite gaining $1 billion since its initial release up until now. And with an including a record of $323 million in May alone, Fortnite is not considered as the most significant game by some of players and gamers. Also, one of the reasons why Fortnite is so popular is because of the website Twitch. It is the 3rd most viewed and watched game on the website. Streamers, which are also players of Fortnite, can encourage people to play the game as well.


Other Games to Consider As the Biggest Game of All Time

Yes, there are a lot of games nowadays that are more popular than Fortnite. One of the games should include as the biggest games of all the time is the Counter-Strike franchise. Moreover, there are other games, such as Minecraft and Valves’ Dota 2, that also can be considered.



There are also downfall and issues within the game. These include fortnite ESP, wallhacks, and cheats that can ruin the enjoyment of the game.


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