Is your Iphone Battery Healthy? Make sure it is and check if you need To Replace It!


I once read a meme that said if an iphone owner falls, he will pray that the sound of the crack is his body, not a phone! This is the level to which we are dependent on our phones. The powerhouse of the phone is the most crucial part of a phone. Without it, no matter how good your phone is, it won’t work! This makes us think that the powerhouse, I mean the battery should stay healthy, and even it goes wrong, we must take our responsibility to look for iphone battery repair or replaces centers.


 How can you keep track of the health of the battery?

  1. Take out your iphone and go to the setting icons.
  2. Click the battery option and tap on battery health. (This feature is exclusively present in the iphone!)
  3. There you will see an option that says the “maximum capacity.” This number is 100% when your phone is new and as old your phone gets, the percentage of the maximum capacity decrease.
  4. If the percentage is 80% or above, it means your battery is in good health.
  5. Else, you need to arrange a new battery for the excellent and smooth functioning of the phone.
  6. Next, there is a “peak performance capability” option. This option tells you whether the battery is supporting the normal peak performance or not! This is the following way to check the battery health of your phone.

To conclude, if you get the right answer from both the options, then your battery is in good health. Otherwise, it is not, and you need to replace it as soon as possible. This also protects your phone from hanging. Therefore, now you know when you need to replace the battery of your phone!


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