Trading of litecoin with the help of leverage on bitmex

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Today, the cryptocurrency market is one of the most versatile to experience and even of the currencies are volatile the risk is well paid off if one knows how to use the opportunities properly. One can trade the cryptocurrencies properly and the returns can be shocking at times. most of the trading of cryptocurrencies against bitcoin is done through the bitmex. All the withdrawals and deposits here at bitmex are done in the form of bitcoin. One can use the bitmex to trade and speculate easily without much hassle. It is one of the most favorite one s because of fits leverage, which can go up to 100 times. Because of the volatility of this market the price dips and shoot ups come and go quite quickly and one can click here for more info.

The process of trading bitcoin (LTC) against bitcoin leverage at bitmex is given below:

  1. Register: First one will have to register and create an account at the bitmex. This process is easiest of them all as all one need to do is provide with one’s email address, a password, country’s name, name, etc. to sign up. One can also activate the account with the help of the link which will be sent to one’s email id.
  2. Deposit bitcoin: Next step is to deposit bitcoins into one’s account. At bitmex, the only cryptocurrency that is accepted is the bitcoin and also if one is planning to trade on any cryptocurrency there is a mandate that one needs to deposit a certain amount of bitcoin.
  3. Choose contract: Next, it is to trade and for that one need to choose between future contracts which have a certain expiration date and perpetual contract which does not have one.
  4. Buy bitcoin: Last step is to place the order of the number of bitcoins one deems fit using the bitcoin tab provided on the bitmex trading page. One can start with low leverage before choosing to go for higher leverage so that one can get some time for strategizing and also balance the trading transactions.

So, by following the above process anyone can get the leverage on bitmex

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