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A Soccer Story: Scoring My First Goal

There are always certain memories that stick around in your head from when you were a child, whether you like it or not. For me, the moment everyone began cheering my name on that grassy field in my home town, my mind took a snapshot. To be quite honest, I have never been a sporty girl — soccer was short lived, and though I dabbled in tennis and softball, it never stuck.I remember my first introduction to the world of soccer through TIAS and that memory has stayed with me till now.

I grew up on Vashon Island where athletes were always celebrated and praised. Though my parents tried to get me to join a ‘team’ or a ‘league’, I was more the artist.

Even though I have little to no sports fanatic cell in my body, I can’t deny how good of a memory that day on the soccer field is. When I was in the five to six-year-old age range — the most popular position in soccer happened to be the goalie. The battle for who it would be, could be compared to a flock of hungry seagulls’ fighting over bread; we probably sounded like them too. I remember constantly and excitedly raising my hand when the coach assigned places- but I never was chosen until that day. Like a mosaic painting, the fine detail and lines of the memory are smudged but the colors are still vivid. The sky was a clear blue and the grass a perfect green; much like the default Windows XP background that is too picturesque to be real.

Now if you have ever been to a children’s soccer game, let alone any sports game where the players are under the age of ten for that matter- you probably know how it goes. There’s always a few kids who sit and play with the dirt. There’s always a few kids who cry and fake an injury. There’s always the kid all-star who tries to make every score. I, on the other hand, was a stander. I stood looking at the other kids awkwardly, waiting for the ball. When I was passed the ball, I had no clue what to even do with it.

After being handed my dream position as goalie, I stood huddled over myself in a weird, Spider-Man stance; I was trying to replicate what I had seen on TV and in movies. Unfortunately and predictably, the game was nothing less than lousy and dull. I think two or so goals were made for that epic half-hour match. We were tied near the end, and we had one last play. It was much like one of those cheesy sports montages from Angels in the Outfield. The ball was being passed; I remember my tired eyes were bored and preoccupied with some patch of mud. Then I saw the ball heading towards me; I panicked, and not being able to move my mind and feet in sync, I jumped in front of the ball.

Again — like most of my childhood memories — I probably felt a lot cooler than I looked. No matter what I looked like though, could change the fact that I blocked our goal. The game was over and everyone shook hands and cheered, we tied but I didn’t really care because I was the star of the game. Parents and kids alike came up to me asking “where did you learn to do that?”

I don’t remember what I said back to them, but I was probably trying to be as smooth about it as possible. Needless to say, I had a smile on my face the rest of the day. My parents even treated me to ice cream; which again, is kind of a big deal for a kid.

Tips To Get 4 Star Hero From Premium Crystal In MCOC

Are you aspiring to get 4 star heroes on Marvel Contest of Champions? Well, every MCOC player is. The 4 star champs are undoubtedly some of the most powerful in the game. Now to get 4 star heroes, a player would need Premium Crystals. So, the moot point of the article is how to get premium crystals to get hold of these super champs. No worries, here are some tips to help you earn Premium crystals.

Let it spin

Allow the crystal to spin automatically. Do not tap when the message comes to stop the crystal by tapping. The crystal stops automatically after a few seconds of spinning. The entire method depends on luck here. So, you may have to try the method several times till you get at least 1 premium crystal.

Tap on “open crystal”

In this case, you won’t have to rotate crystals. Rather, look for the button featuring “open crystals”. It is located at right bottom side of the screen. Now, simply tap on it. Once again, this is a method of luck. If you are lucky, you will get your crystal and 4 star champion at one go. But, if you are not, you may have to go for it multiple times. So, be mentally prepared for that.

Count on hacks and cheats

You can buy Premium Crystals from the game store. But yes, these crystals are naturally pricey. It will take you around 2500 units to buy one Premium crystal. But, no worries, you can count on the cheats for marvel contest of champions to generate these units free of cost. There are online tools for these hacks which you may or may not have to download. Another cheat is to participate in online surveys. You will get reward points after you complete the surveys which can be easily redeemed for units.

Three Best Strategies For Magazine Publishers To Generate Revenue

The trend of increasing the revenue or generating income for the magazine publishers has been increasing so much. The best two ways for making the revenue is first to repurpose the content, and the other is to sell the website space. These two methods will help the publisher to have financial gains. This all can be done by having and implementing good revenue strategies.  Publishers need to think of the creative ideas that would help them to get good returns, and you can get your content published from

Let us know some of the best revenue generating strategies for the magazine publishers which are as follows:

  • More focus on social media

There are many customers that are using social media. You need to be attentive and make the efforts and position yourself as a company that people want to do business with. You can show off your products and promote events and posts. Also, you must share the blogs and interact with people and make them know more about your business.

  • Create ads for the advertisers

You need to show the advertisers your creativity that this will make up options for you to advertise your products and services. You can also get your innovative ads created as it will help in making the growth of revenue increase.

  • E-newsletter

You can get your e-newsletter ready and need to distribute it daily or monthly as it will divide the content that is required to be spread, and also people will find to read those e-newsletters.

Final saying

You need to check the strategies mentioned above as these will help generate more significant revenue for the magazines’ publishers. These require a little effort but will be helpful you in making the revenue and more income.

What Are Tips To Consider By Beginners For Traditional Archery?

If you are starting with traditional archery then it is the easiest and less expensive. Thus, it is the most forgiving type of archery. You do not require buying expensive equipment’s for archery. The traditional archery is convenient as compare to the brand-new archeries.

If you are a beginner and starting shooting then you require different pieces of gear. You need to buy a bow, some arrows, binoculars and stabilizer. These are the starting supplies for the starters. If you are at traditional archery then you only need a target, a bow and some arrows. Always head out towards the local and safe shooting spot so that you cannot harm others mistakenly.

What are the accessories used in a traditional archery?

The traditional archery is not a strict sport as compare to other type of archeries. The traditional archery does not require rules and regulations. Traditional archery is a lot fun as compare with other archery styles. If you are interested in learning tips to shoot archery and for hunting then you can grab more information on ArcheryPower.

The traditional archery requires a quality quiver and it is not too expensive. You can also buy quivers and other accessories of archery from online websites t cheap prices. The super cheap accessories are bow stringer and it is also safe and very easy to use the bow.

How to aim in traditional archery?

You have to learn how to aim in traditional archery because if you are shooting with a bow, without a bow sight then considers the techniques. The techniques are referring to get accurate shots. The style of aiming is gap shooting which is very common.

In the above article, we have covered all the essential information and tips which are considered by beginners for traditional archery.

Tips On How You Can Effectively Start A Vegan Diet As A Beginner

The vegan lifestyle is one of the most sustainable lifestyles in today’s society. Vegans eat healthily by eating mostly greens, fruits and vegetables. Processed food, meat from animals and preservatives are food vegans don’t eat. Thus, this means they eat gluten-free food, making their diet very healthy. The vegan lifestyle has enticed and attracted many people as its benefits are of the charts. Vegans are not obese, and their fitness is excellent. For people who want to try a vegan lifestyle and diet. You will have to be determined to become a vegan effectively.

Beginner Tips

For people who want to try a vegan lifestyle, it is hard in the beginning. You should be determined and willing to discipline yourself. Before you start eating vegan, you should do research and read about vegan dishes. Start slowly and eat vegan meals that you know. Consuming dairy is also okay if you are starting. But eventually, you will have to find a dairy substitute. During the transition period from eating meat to vegan. Tofu will be your best choice to sustain you. Tofu will satisfy your cravings and hunger. Eventually, you will be able to eat vegan dishes without a problem.

Give Yourself Time

The transition period from eating pork and meat into a vegan diet is not easy. You should be patient and give yourself time. Your body and palette will get used to the vegan diet. You will be able to eat vegan dishes and recipes without a problem. As long as you discipline yourself and strictly stick to your vegan diet. You will eventually feel the benefits of eating a vegan diet. The health benefits it gives you will be worth it of your sacrifice.


For people who want to start a vegan lifestyle. Be prepared to transition yourself into the vegan diet. You will need to start slowly, for your body to adjust to the vegan lifestyle. To know more about the vegan lifestyle try searching for information online. Search sites like you will find more vegan tips.

Hacks And Cheats For Marvel: Contest Of Champions

Marvel: Contest of Champions has become a steady fighting game released for mobile due to its great graphics and easy to learn controls. Also, the 2D fighting style is also a great choice by its developer, Kabam, for easy maneuvering and better appreciation of the genre. Aside from playing it using your mobile phone, you can also play Marvel: Contest of Champions in your PC using Bluestacks application. It is easy to install, use and you get the chance to play the game in larger screen than your mobile phone.

With this development, if you want to try and hacks or cheat for that matter when you play Marvel: Contest of Champions, yes, it’s possible to do so, but, you have to proceed with caution. Just like any other game, we have this thing called ‘bot wherein they have the capacity to run on a serve based game 24/7. The key in using cheats in Marvel: Contest of Champions is to play it safe and low profile. The next thing you don’t want to happen in your account is to have it permanently banned.

If you’re planning to run a MCOC Bot, do not run it for more than 16 hours a day. Let alone for 24 hours a day, as the system will flagged it with suspicious activity and might be subject for account review and if found deemed of using cheat, account will be flagged for banning. Also, when using mobile phone such as Android platform, make sure it’s rooted because it is the most preferred type of set up for some application.

As for iPhone users or any iOS devices for that matter, there are no guaranteed working hack when you search for marvel contest of champions cheats iphone. Maybe in the future there will be one.

Keto Diet and Its Purpose

Keto diet has proved its worth when you want to shred some fats of your body. It’s almost easy to manage with the help of discipline but the rewards are worth it. Despite of its benefits, it’s also has some unwanted side effects. In this article, we will dig deep on what are the possible pros and cons when you include Keto diet in your program. Starting of with its own benefits. Since Keto diet is associated with taking less carbs and less calories, it greatly helps people who are beyond their normal weight.

Obese people shred excess weight at a faster rate while preserving its body mass transforming it into lean muscle. Another benefit that keto diet have is it helps people with diabetes as it lowers the blood sugar level. Those mentioned benefits are just some pieces of many possible benefits that the program brings. But, there are also associated health risks to take note for such as headache, fatigue in which it could also lead to severe dehydration due to shedding of too much water.

Now back to benefits again. Since Keto diet restricts carbs entering into our body system, it also takes out the amount of insulin entering our body. With that, fat burning speeds up its process and at the same, reduces the inflammation it can occur. If you want to dig deep for more information about keto diet, search up in your favorite browser the ketoSumo. It’s a website that provides a complete information about keto diet and recommends tons of restaurant that are keto diet friendly.

Also found in the website are the different menus you may want to try if you’re into keto diet. ketoSumo is reliable and very informative especially for those who are first time to try the diet program.

Where Can You Ensure A Good Brawl Star For Your APK Android?

If you are into multiplayer gaming challenges and systems, then Brawl stars is the game for you. This game was first developed in 2018 where people could only get them inside their mobile phone plus their android and ios devices. This is a part fighter part shooter game where you have to challenge your opponents and then play off the match as given. This game is fantastic, and the characters are fascinating for a point of time. There are different and unique game modes which you can try with the usage of all brawl stars hack. This will help you to get to the top of the leader board, and you can earn all the points that you wished for.

How to get one for your android device?

Here are the ways to get brawl star apk for android.

  • First of all, you have to go to the official site of this game and then make sure that you click on the download link.
  • Before downloading this game, ensure that you have the game specifications and the amount of space that this game will take up for you. There are some of the latest modes of this game that you download, so there are different optional links on the site.

  • After you have downloaded this game, it is time for you to install this game. You have to check off the unsourced items from your cell phone or your android devices and then get this game installed into your system.

There are different brawl stars hack which you can ensure and use during your game time. The gameplay is fantastic, and you will be taken aback by how much fun pack and chills that this game has got for you. And since this game is perfect, you can have your source and data safe even after downloading the apk version.

Best YouTube Downloaders Of All Time

Since YouTube does not allow downloading directly from their website, you can use an online YouTube Downloader. If you do a quick search on google for those, you will see that are a lot of options available for you. Lucky for you, we saved you all the trouble of going through each one on the search result list to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

In this article, we put together the best YouTube downloaders of all time for your perusal! Let’s check them out!

Winx YouTube Downloader

First and foremost, we have the Winx YouTube Downloader. This downloader is perfect for people who want to use a very effective and simple software. Those who are always on the go and needs to get a job done quickly. Here are its advantages and disadvantages:


  • You can use this online YouTube download for free anytime and anywhere. No need to download, install or pay for anything.
  • Aside from YouTube, winx allows you to download from other websites as well. So even if you are browsing through videos outside of YouTube, you can download those very easily.
  • You are able to download high-quality videos as well. So, if you are watching a high-quality video on YouTube, you will be able to get the same quality when you watch it offline on your personal computer.
  • Lastly, you can convert videos in various formats. These formats include the following: mp3, 3gp, Flv and so much more.
  • Winx YouTube download also allows for multiple downloads at the same time. No time wasted!


  • As for its disadvantages, the interface and the look of this YouTube downloader may seem a little old. It has been around for a very long time, so its aesthetic is a little outdated.
  • Another disadvantage of this software is that it could use more advanced features to fit the current generation.

Any Video Converter

Next on our list is the Any Video Converter. The name may easily suggest what it can do but the fun does not stop there. This software can definitely do a lot more than that. Here are its pros and cons:


  • This online video downloader will allow you to download videos not just from YouTube but from other streaming websites as well.
  • This tool will also allow you to edit and customize the videos you want to download through its organic video editor. No need to go through another application to cut or edit the video.
  • You can also download the video and convert it into different formats available.
  • It is considered to be one of the best YouTube video downloaders there is on the world wide web.
  • You can its basic features on the free version. To make use of the application fully, you must pay a subscription fee.
  • The interface is very easy to use because it is simple and clean.


  • You are limited only to the basic features of the app since you have to pay a subscription fee to use more of it.
  • The free version also prompts the users to with adware so just make sure to decline the pop-ups. This can be very annoying since we definitely do not want more stuff to pop on our screen.
  • the premium version allows for the batch download. So, if you are using the free version, you can’t do that. You are only allowed to download one video at a time. These may be some pretty basic disadvantages, but these are both very important.


Free YouTube Download

Last but definitely not the least, we have the free YouTube download. This online software is very easy to use. It is gaining popularity and one of the go-to YouTube downloaders of many users. Let’s check out its advantages and disadvantages:



  • It is designed specifically for downloading videos and it is very good with what it does.
  • As the name suggests, it is free for use.
  • You will be able to do batch downloads with this one.
  • You also don’t have to worry about the video quality anymore because you can set that beforehand.
  • It lets you download videos in different formats.
  • Very simple to use, just paste the video URL and click download. Easy as 1 2 3!
  • This tool is available for both Mac and Windows.



  • It’s one disadvantage is that it could use more of a modern aesthetic.

Caricatures-Laugh Louder At Yourself Than Others

What is considered to be the best form of art? How is an artist respected for his artistic talent? What does he have that others don’t? What makes him occupy a significant place in the hearts of the common man that others, equally hard working and talented, don’t get to?

Artists are basically people who are passionate about their craft and who revere their art form with the utmost devotion and commitment. They are so loyal to their passion that they have, on many occasions, even rejected the idea of selling their talents in exchange for significant monetary gains.

Yes, it seems very strange to hear that an artist refusing to take financial gains only because his art form is considered worthy enough to be taken by the buyer/purchaser.

A cartoonist too is an artist as he is into drawing and sketching out his massive train of thoughts in writing and in the form of he has perceived in his heard.

Caricature is also an important extension of drawing out anything to portray it in an exaggerated manner in order to make it look hilarious.

At the same time, it should also be understandable to the average common man as its main purpose is to provide social messages of philosophy in a satirical and humorous way.

Caricatures are basically very easy to learn and ones which provide you your skills in drawing and enhancing it further.

Here are some steps on how to do it:

  • Keep it simple: When drawing out something on paper, the facial features should look good at first as some of them are distractive so as to pull the attention away from what you want to show.
  • Exaggeration level: All humans have the same body and the same parts but what makes them unique and identifiable are the size, shape and structure of each of the parts so try to exaggerate it as much as possible as it draws attention on the features

  • After the 2nd step, make sure that the features are visually good and believable.

World Of Warcraft: A Non-Player’s Guide To The Exciting Online Game Called “Wow”

What is World of Warcraft? In the simplest of terms, World of Warcraft, or WoW as it is known to players, is an online role-playing game. To those who actually play, WoW is so much more. You can explore more about world of Warcraft on Situs Judi Euro 2020.  You get several tips that you can use to improve your gameplay as well.

WoW is a separate world full of discovery and challenge where a person can lose themselves and the stress of everyday life. This article is a guide for those who haven’t yet had the experience of joining in on the adventure. And yes, I am an active member of World of Warcraft.

The first thing you should understand is that WoW is addictive. It may be hard to believe that a video game can be addictive, but WoW is. For those who get online (or log in) and play it is an ever-changing experience.

Blizzard is the company that makes WoW and stores all of the information concerning your characters. World of Warcraft is a completely online experience. This means that in order to play you have to have an internet connection as well as a Blizzard account. You cannot play WoW unless you are connected to the internet. This allows for seamless updates and advances that add to the ever changing playing experience.

World of Warcraft is a Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing game. (MMORG) So whether someone is a passive player, only online every now and then, or a power player who is on every day for hours at a time, there is always the opportunity to interact with others. Although it is possible to reach the highest level without teaming up with others, you would be missing out on some of the fun.

There are always people playing WoW. Whether you choose to join with others or not, everyone plays in the same environment and affects the game. It is more fun to get into groups and try and accomplish some of the greater challenges in the game, and since everyone plays a little different the same challenge can be different every time you do them depending on who is in your group.

The more you play WoW, the more you are able to do. With each challenge or task that is completed, you are able to advance to harder areas which have more to do and greater gains to be had. WoW constantly gives players new and more challenging goals to accomplish and greater rewards for achieving them.

WoW also offers an escape from the drudgery of the daily grind. WoW allows players to forget about the pressures of bills, coworkers and everything else that causes stress, as well as offering monstrous targets on which to take out their frustrations. It gives a timid person the ability to be a fierce warrior, a needy person the chance to excel independently, or someone who always takes the back seat the opportunity to become a great and respected leader. World of Warcraft opens the door for people to become something other than they are in the real world and learn about themselves in the process.

Each player also has the ability to alter how they play. World of Warcraft offers many ways to customize a character such as class, race and character specialization. The longer someone plays, the greater the diversity becomes between similar character types. This is another way WoW keeps the game exciting and fresh. Even similar characters can be played in different ways giving a new and exciting experience.

World of Warcraft is like no other game I have ever played. The graphics are incredible and the game play is always changing and challenging.

This is the first installment in a line of articles on WoW. The following installments will contain information for beginners as well as advanced players on a variety of topics such as character development, different lands and areas, professions and getting started.


Free Online Games For Iphone

If you’re wondering when someone might upset the Apple cart, it won’t be any time soon. The creation of the iPhone by Apple has brought cell phones to a whole new level. As with any other modern day technological advancement, games are a huge part of cell phone entertainment. The days of “Snake” and “Racer” are over and a new form of mobile phone gaming has emerged. Fortunately, Apple has allowed some iPhone games to retain a free price tag, so a brief list of some of the more enjoyable games will keep you up to date on your gaming skills. The games below are very easy to play and at the same time provide challenge to players. It is like Bandar judi online that is very entertaining and exciting to play.

#1 “Doodle Jump”

If you enjoy fast-paced energetic games, then Doodle Jump is a good one to try. As your character attempts to jump higher and higher on clouds without perishing, it will achieve a higher ranking. This game requires hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, so gear up for a challenging test of your abilities.

#2 “Pocket god”

Role playing is not suited for every game player, but for those who love the intense dramatic sequence of events, this one could be for you. Many iPhone role playing game are not free, but Pocket god offers hours of play at no cost to you. As you create little pygmy characters, you get to play to role of master in their lives. You can affect the weather, create obstacles, and provide means of escape. Your god like powers allow you to manipulate the pygmies any way you choose.

#3 “Eliminate”

The iPhone by Apple just wouldn’t be the same without producing a free shooter game for avid gamers. This mobile first person shooting game allows a player to shoot cyborgs with great skill and accuracy. This fast paced game requires quick reflexes and speedy reaction time. Interestingly, the cyborgs in the Eliminate game are other live players who also own iPhones and have chosen to play the game with you.

#4 “Tap, Tap, Revenge”

Tap, Tap, Revenge is the iPhone mobile version of Guitar Hero. The lighted strings and corresponding colored tabs help you experiment with guitar playing skills. You can download top songs on the market place and create your own Tap, Tap, Revenge avatar. If you love music and enjoy playing video games while you listen, then this free iPhone game is a great option.

#5 “Cartoon Wars”

Cartoon Wars is really more like Stick Figure Wars because the players all have a simple stick like structure. The goal of Cartoon Wars is to operate a primal soldier, by upgrading bow and arrow type weapons, in a way that causes destruction to the enemy. The Medieval primitive setting makes this game seem more strategic and less like a pure and simple shooting game. As you protect your castle from stick figure opponents, you gain more points and more upgrading opportunities.

The iPhone game producers knew that free gaming would be a big incentive for many young cell phone buyers. Don’t expect their apple cart to upset any time soon. The fast paced scenarios, motor skill requirements, and role playing opportunities make this mobile phone an innovative design. These free iPhone games will keep you entertained and may even get you to buy other related games offered by Apple.

The Top 5 Nintendo Wii Christmas Gifts for 2019

One of the best gift ideas for a Nintendo Wii game player is a new game, especially a brand new release. In November, there were a number of popular new versions of Nintendo Wii games released, making the top gift idea list for Nintendo Wii gamers rather easy to complete. The top 5 Nintendo Wii gift ideas includes 4 of 5 games that are new releases. Popular series such as Call of Duty and Sonic games for Nintendo Wii top the list, as well as the newest Animal Crossing Nintendo Wii game. The top gifts for Nintendo Wii gamers for this holiday season like Mario shirts are listed in order, but when choosing the perfect Nintendo Wii gift, consider the player’s interests. Younger players will require a Nintendo Wii game with an E for Everybody rating by the MSRB, while most teens will prefer a Teen rated game.

  1. Guitar Hero World Tour

The Nintendo Wii Guitar Hero World Tour video game tops the list this year as a must-have for any Guitar Hero fans. Guitar Hero World Tour was recently released for the 2008 holiday gift season, making it a great choice for any teen Guitar Hero player. The newest version includes the ability for players to sing, play the guitar, bass, or drums. There are over 80 song choices on Guitar Hero World Tour, including some hits from legends Metallica, Jimmy Hendrix, and Van Halen.

Activision hit the mark on this new version of Guitar Hero, allowing gamers to create studio songs and play new instruments. Nintendo Wii players can play alone or with friends on Guitar Hero World Tour. The retail price for Guitar Hero World Tour is $49.99 for the basic package. The MSRB rating is Teen for Guitar Hero World Tour.

  1. Sonic Unleashed

Watch out for Dr. Eggman in the newest Sonic game for Nintendo Wii, Sonic Unleashed. Players get to save the world from the notorious villain, Dr. Eggman, in Sonic Unleashed. This Nintendo Wii Sonic game is the latest in a series of Sonic themed games, just recently released. The fastpaced game will keep players energized as they get to choose between daytime and nighttime levels of play. The Speed mode is used in the daytime levels and the Brawler mode is used in the nightime levels of play. The Brawler mode lets gamers take on the bosses.

Sonic Unleashed is a good Nintendo Wii gift choice for Sonic fans. The retail price for Sonic Unleashed is $49.99.

  1. Animal Crossing: City Folk

Animal Crossing: City Folk makes it into the number 3 spot on this year’s Nintendo Wii holiday gift guide because of its appeal to younger Nintendo Wii gamers. The MSRB rating of E for Everyone makes this a good choice for tween gamers. Animal Crossing: City Folk brings back some of the same cool features found in the Animal Crossing Nintendo Wii games, and allows players to customize entire towns and collect a variety of things. Players of Animal Crossing: City Folk can build their own perfect town, attend shows, celebrate holidays, and even make a trip to the salon.

Animal Crossing: City Folk is a great game for kids who are not ready for the more advanced or mature Nintendo Wii games. Nintendo Wii gamers can play with up to 4 other friends in this highly interactive and creative Nintendo Wii game. The suggested retail price for Animal Crossing: City Folk is $49.99.

  1. Call of Duty: World at War

World of War gamers will enjoy the newest Nintendo Wii version of the series of Call of Duty games. This brand new Call of Duty version has players fighting battle in World War II, braving Kamikazi fighters and facing challenging battles. The Squadmate mode even allows players to join with friends at the same time, with a single screen mode.

The Call of Duty games for Nintendo Wii are a great choice for teens and adults who like challenging multi-level games. This is the newest version, Call of Duty: World at War (WWII), and is sure to be a popular gift choice for Nintendo Wii players this holiday season. The retail price of $49.99 is consistent with other Nintendo Wii new releases.

  1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

One of the most highly rated Sonic games among Nintendo Wii players is

Super Smash

Bros. Brawl. This Nintendo Wii game was released earlier in 2008, but has proven to be a great choice for Nintendo Wii players. Super Smash Bros. Brawl includes one of the largest cast of characters ever seen in the Sonic series of games. Players can face combat with a huge number of interesting and familiar Nintendo characters. The online multiplayer allows friends to play together and includes a replay feature, as well as multiple levels.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl has a Teen rating by the MSRB, and is a good gift choice for teen and early teen players. The retail price for Super Smash Bros. Brawl is $49.99 but gift givers may be able to find discounted or sale prices on this Nintendo Wii game, since it is not a brand new release.

What Is The Effect Of Taking Bodybuilding Supplements?

Building a well-sculpted body like a Greek sculpture can be tough. People waste countless hours in the gym just to get that bicep to tweak a little. The first thing your instructor will tell you upon taking the initiative of building a body is “abs are made in the kitchen”. The proverb, you are what you eat is true as 90% of your body’s development depends on the number of nutrients you take. But unfortunately, our daily meals just don’t have the kick in them. Even a couple of decades ago, bodybuilding supplements and energy inducing supplements like quercetin powder dosage only prescribed to professional athletes, but today almost anyone has access to them. When you can buy almost any supplement from your local departmental store, should you take them?

Just like Anakin Skywalker, bodybuilding supplements have a light side and a dark side. Moreover, the pros and cons of supplements go hand in hand. Most performance enhancers have creatine in them. Now creatine is a natural substance which when consumed, helps the body to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that helps effective muscle contraction and enhances performance. Along with the hiked performance, creatine will also give you Stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, muscle cramping.

Muscles retain water on creatine so you might even put on some pounds. The most common form of supplement is perhaps protein powder. Everyone going to the gym has some time in their life tried or have come across protein powder. It is irrefutable how contributing protein is to the body. While a single boiled egg has 3 grams of protein, 100 grams of protein powder has 100 grams of protein. However, if you overtake protein powder, no matter if its whey, soy or casein, you might experience increased bowel movements, bloating, cramps, reduced appetite, fatigue, and headache. Therefore, treating supplements as a drug is the right course of action.

Deal or No Deal Online Game

I LOVE the game “Deal or No Deal” on TV! And since I love this game, I researched a few sites that offer this game online for FREE so I could play. Internet is heaven for gamers all over the world! You can visit sbowin, there you just browse among the various games, choose the one that best suits your gaming needs and enjoy everlasting hours of fun. You get smooth online gaming experience that you want.

When I googled for “Deal or No Deal” games I got a list of sites. As I scrolled through the list I noticed some were merely the same site. However, the ones I was able to visit are below. I have included the sites directly to the game (you will find the links at end of article), how to play, and whether the game was good or not.

So here they are:


When I hit the link I was directed right to the game and did not have to sign up to play game. Its very easy to play this game, however, it does not have the same feel as the TV show. The screen shows cases with numbers ranging 1 to 26 and the first case you pick is the one you keep. You then pick a series of six cases down to your final case. After each round a phone rings and up pops a phone that says, “Its the Bank calling. . .”. It then gives you an offer you can either accept (Deal) or decline (No Deal). And like the TV show “Deal or No Deal”, the offer is based on what your cases had. So the offer can go up or come down.

I decided to play all the way through by declining the offers (No Deal) and ended up with a case that had $5000.00.

This game to me was just okay. The screen was small, the graphics was not too exciting and very simple in layout. The sounds were also very simple and not too exciting. I would not go to this site for the Deal or No Deal feel and excitement.

This site of course offered other game in various categories.


When I clicked into this game, you could play right away. I was not required to sign up.

Like the Deal or No Deal TV game, the sounds and graphics were similar and the way you play is just like the show. What I liked about this game, was that it kept track of your offers. The GameGecko did not. It also had slightly better graphics.

I went all the way, declining all offers (No Deal) and ended up winning a $10,000.00 case.


At this site you are required to sign up so you can play. But its free so I did.

Now this game is different from the others. Its sound and graphics are by far the best. It even starts with the “Deal or No Deal” show theme.

The way to play is, you of course start out picking your case, it then mixes case clicking with brain picking quizzing. You pick a case and have a certain amount of time to answer the multiple choice question. If you answer correctly, three cases pop up and start spinning with the low amounts. You click on each case and the amount you end up is removed from the list. If you answer incorrectly, again three cases pop up with the higher amounts. Also as an added excitement, the game gives you side money. And the faster you answer in the time frame, the more money you get.

At this site you can also play against other players for what they call “Jewels” (tokens). They offer in this Deal or No Deal online game, games that have two players, four players, or ten players that you play againist. And offer from 3 to 20 jewels/tokens pots. For instance, if you are in a two player Deal or No Deal game, the pot is 3 jewels/tokens, if you are the winner, you get 2 out of the 3 jewel/tokens. And the more the players, the more the pot.

I liked this Deal or No Deal online game the best, just because of the animation, the true to show sounds, and the trivia questions with the time ticking away. It was quite addictive. I played for over an hour. If I recommend any site, it would be this one.

Which ever site you choose to play “Deal or No Deal”, have fun!

Best 7 Virtual Data Room Providers In The Tech Industry

If we look at various large scale businesses, data, and information is no more restricted to physical data storage rooms, which are used traditionally. With the exponential growth of the industry, it is not a feasible option for relaying on enormous business data and storing data. All data is confidential. It is known that looking for documents for business deals and various transactions would take many pages, and it is a risky task.


It is an Australian software industry founded in 2005 that provides individual VDR or Virtual Data room providers. It has made AI- BAsed VDR tools and mainly deployed on different material events.


It is a cloud storage company that specializes in various enterprise content management. It primarily involves services like file sharing. VDR has got plenty of features such as multi-site protection of data.


It is another company based in the UK. It provides data room and various data sharing services to different customers, and it is known as Leading VDR providers.


It is a famous tech company in Toronto, Canada. Firmex has got different key areas to look after, such as due diligence and various closing processes in M&A. Also, the company caters to the need of multiple industries.


It is another file Management Service provider in the US. It provides data rooms to various clients.

Merril Data site:

It was formed by Merrill Corporation, also known as DatasiteOne. It is a SaaS tool that is specially made for M&A and due-diligence process. It puts lots of emphasis on the different deals and data rooms. It has got attractive features such as dedicated support by executives and a multi-use repository of data.

The venue provided by Donnelley Financial Solutions:

It is a company that offers commercial printing along with digital marketing and supply chain.

Key Reasons Why Nintendo Is The Most Important Name In Gaming

There are literally hundreds of companies in the video gaming industry. Some names are bigger than others, some make games, some make gaming systems, and some even do both. Every gamer has their favorite system. However there is one name that has been vital almost from the very beginning of home gaming and they continue to be the single most important company in the industry: Nintendo. Before the Playstation and XBox fan-boys get up in arms realize that this is not saying that Nintendo is the best, just the most important. Depending on one’s taste one of the other systems might be a far better fit. For example, you might love DOTA and get dota 2 mmr boost, which is certainly not for Nintendo consoles. But the gaming industry as we know it would be a very different place if it weren’t for Nintendo and all they have done and continue to do.

The importance of Nintendo can be summed up in just one word: innovation. Nintendo has been at the forefront of nearly every single major innovation that’s ever been made in console gaming. So many things that gamers take for granted were originated by the minds over at Nintendo. The company first replaced the troublesome knobs and joysticks of earlier systems with a directional pad on their NES system. They would then take it the next step further as the N64 system was the first to introduce the analogue stick allowing for easy movement in 3D environments. The N64 also introduced the rumble pack which allowed players to feel vibrations through the controller to feel when their characters were impacted by enemies or obstacles. Sony quickly appropriated both of these new features into their updated “dual shock” controller for the original Playstation and their controller design hasn’t changed since. But Nintendo’s biggest leap was still on the horizon.

While Sony and Microsoft have been busy making their machines more powerful Nintendo changed the game completely with it’s motion controled Wii system. This system literally changed the way that games were played. While many “hardcore” gamers scoffed at the idea Nintendo cashed in on a whole new market by appealing to casual gamers who just want to be able to pick up and play for a little while. Sony and Microsoft both touted their improved graphics over Nintendo’s little novelty system only to be trounced by resounding success of the Wii. Both Sony and Microsoft unveiled their own motion control systems at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (known as E3) trying to grab a piece of the market that Nintendo has created.

Speaking of E3 Nintendo used the expo to give gaming journalists hands on time with their latest innovation: the handheld system dubbed the 3DS. Much more than another upgrade of the DS, the 3DS is able to give gamers 3D graphics without the need for special glasses. The technology for glasses free 3D images has actually been around for some time but until Nintendo nobody was able to think of a good way to use it. The problem with glasses free 3D is that the field of vision is very narrow, basically if the viewer is anywhere other than right in front of the screen (as well as fairly close to it) the effect doesn’t work. This makes the technology somewhat useless for something like a TV but absolutely perfect for a handheld video game. Sony and Microsoft have also been looking into 3D gaming, but they’ve been working on home console 3D. This of course requires not only 3D glasses but also expensive new televisions (not an enticing prospect considering most homes have only recently upgraded to HD televisions.) That immediately limits the market that Sony and Microsoft can entice with the promise of 3D gaming whereas Nintendo will there for anybody at the cost of a handheld system.

Microsoft and Sony have both done great things but there haven’t been very many game changing innovations from either one. For the most part both companies are more focused on making their consoles more powerful than doing anything truly outside of the box. In fact lately both companies have been chasing Nintendo’s glory. Both of the rival companies unveiled their own motion control technology in a blatant grab at the casual gaming market that Nintendo was able to tap into with the Wii. Sony and Microsoft have innovated in their own ways but their innovations are generally logical steps (installing a Blu-ray player on the PS3 when the PS2 had played DVDs.) Rarely have either of these two companies innovated as radically as Nintendo has done on a regular basis.

Now to be fair Nintendo hasn’t always gotten it right. When you take chances you can fall on your face, but Nintendo’s failures have had more to do with mis-judging the market than something they came up with actually not working out. There have been a few times that somebody thought of something important that Nintendo didn’t. But really they’ve only ever missed the boat twice. Once when the company stuck with cartridges for their N64 system while the original Playstation proved that discs were the future. Sony also beat them to the punch on having a system to more than just play games with their Playstation 2 which also played DVD movies. Nintendo also had an earlier failed attempt at handheld 3D gaming in the 1990s with the Virtual Boy which had a goggle like apparatus that gave gamers headaches. But the company has clearly learned from this earlier folly with the 3DS requiring no special device to enjoy the full three dimensions of gaming.

Nintendo has not always created the definitely best or most enjoyable consoles and games on the market. However what they have done consistently since the very beginning is push the entire industry and the way in which games are played in new exciting directions. Other companies have refined the ideas originated by Nintendo from time to time. However no other company has come close to doing as much to shape the way we play video games. Nintendo doesn’t have to have the best numbers but it’s vital that they continue to create gaming consoles. If we ever lose Nintendo we will lose the most inventive company in the business.

Ten Ways to Increase Your YouTube Exposure and Gain Popularity

The popularity of YouTube has exploded over the past sixteen months. Anyone with a video recorder can make themselves a star if they know how to market themselves. People post funny videos of their kids playing, accidents caught on video and of course personal rants and blogs. Getting the word out about what you have published there might seem a bit discouraging at first. If the hits are slow to happen then you may need to start pimping yourself out. Don’t worry, it’s not that kind of pimping.

If you have a MySpace or FaceBook account make sure that you advertise yourself there. Place links to your YouTube page near the top of your page and uses the embedded links for videos that people can click on to view them. The easier you make it for people to access your videos and YouTube items, the greater chance you have of getting repeat viewers. Click here to learn more about how to purchase views on youtube, It is really easy and a legitimate way to increase your video’s views and likes. With more views you get more exposure and popularity, with that your video will gain more popularity over time.

Join a free photo hosting site like Photobucket; you can store larger chunks of the video there, create slide shows of your main screens and use it to store other images. You have the option to make your albums private, give out a ‘view only’ password or make it accessible to the public.

If you have a Photoshop program you can invest in some blank business cards and design some that you can hand out to people. Make sure that it has the correct URL and a small blurb about what they might be able to see on your videos. Make sure to include your email address in case someone wants to get in touch with you.

Word of mouth is the best advertising, tell your friends that you are looking for some free publicity and ask them if they will throw up a banner or link on their web page. You can return the favor by hosting a banner for one of their sites too. Join a link swap site to promote your YouTube page and raise your popularity level.

If you want to pay for advertising there are tons of sites that will put a small advert up for you. Some of the state as little as five dollars for 250 hits. Of course, you will want to avoid sites like and other “pay to click” sites. Why? Members of those types of sites are rewarded for clicking on links, banners, and adverts so they really don’t care what it is about as long as they make money from it.

Check sites that you belong to and see if there are any areas where you can add favorite links. On Yahoo, you can add it to your Yahoo 360 page or on your Yahoo profile. Likewise, add a link in the tag section of your outgoing emails.

Going with a theme for your content and making sure it is organized is one of the best ways to make sure that people visit your YouTube page and return over and over.

Makeup half or quarter page adverts and post them at community bulletin boards at the grocery store, laundry, cyber cafes or anywhere your target viewer may congregate. You can do quarter sheet adverts, make a simple pocket from some poster board and hang them so people can take one home with them.

Accurately tag your videos. I hate typing “Kid Rock” into the search engine and getting 200 irrelevant results. Proper tagging will ensure that people looking for “how to frost cookies” or “polishing boots” will be able to find what you have posted.

Most of all, remember to have fun when you are promoting yourself. If you come up with a catchy phrase that people will remember, chances are they will bookmark your page and pass it along to others. Be creative. Posting things your pets do that seem incredible to you could be seen as boring and average to everyone else. Oh, a cat jumps off the counter, wow, that’s earth-shattering. To grab the attention of viewers you have to go beyond the norm and once you do that, people will become regulars.

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