3 Major Factors That Will Lead To Bitcoin Boom


Bitcoin has shown a fairly bullish stance after overcoming its bearish trend last year in 208. Now, there have been lots of speculations about the fate of BTC in near future. Would it boom or bust? Now, the good news is, a major share of market experts have predicted that Bitcoin is actually poised to boom. In fact, Bitcoin is projected to hit around $1 million moving towards 2020. The post below discusses the major factors that will lead to Bitcoin boom.

  • Increasing use-cases of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is not only limited to crypto trading today. In fact, BTC has paved its ways to many mainstream industries. From tech to travel to even casino- a fair share of large-scale industries are fast adopting Bitcoin. There has also been the development of Bitcoin trading and mining app like Bitcoin Superstar. The Bitcoin Superstar Erfahrungen has been fairly positive and it presently commands the maximum popularity compared to other trading applications around.

Increased use-cases of Bitcoin will surely propel the value of Bitcoin further in near future and lead to a potential BTC boom.

  • SEC approval and regulation

Despite its massive popularity, Bitcoin has also sparked criticism given its unregulated infrastructure. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why BTC still has not been able to garner institutional money in a large scale. But, as per market experts, the crypto industry is to get SEC approval and to be brought under regulation soon. The U.S. SEC has already declared a statement asking all crypto portals (that can be certified as “security) should register with them.

A regulated infrastructure always assures a safe territory and readily encourages institutional money.

  • ETF possibilities

The SEC has already commenced the procedure of approving or disapproving changes in the rules that permit listing of 2 BTC ETFs on NYSE’s Arca Exchange. ETFs were originally created for a particular set of products (gas, oil) that were challenging for an investor to hold on to. Likewise, setting crypto wallets as well as trading could be slightly challenging for amateur investors. In this case, the crypto ETFs would help with simpler trading via brokerage accounts. Ease of trade will drive more investment in BTC and that will eventually propel the growth of BTC and crypto industry higher.

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