5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog Today


Blogging is becoming more and more popular nowadays and if you are looking for information online about your most favorite topic, chances are that you will land on a website from a blogger sharing the same passion as you.

Looking back in the history of the Internet, you can see how blogging evolved and turned into the shape it is today, a social networking platform where everybody and anybody can share their opinions and knowledge on just about anything you can think of. The roots of blogging can be found in static websites that left space available for their visitors to post a short comment, sharing their opinion or asking questions about the things they had just been reading and wanted to know more about.

Over the past few years blogging has grown into a popular medium for people who want to give their view on their favorite hobby, political movements, sports or just share the realing and dealings of their daily life.

Apart from this social movement, blogs are very popular among Internet marketers who see the huge potential of this powerful tool for the following reasons:

Blogging is real and authentic. We are living in a world filled with consumption and each year huge amounts of money are spent on marketing products we don’t really need but do buy because of the advertisers make us think we can’t live without them. When it comes to blogging though, we are not dealing with professional promoters who are pushing their material and products; instead we are able to read firsthand experiences of real people. Building a large readership by being yourself, sharing your thoughts and views will make your readers trust your expertise.

Blogging is very easy to do. You don’t need any special skills to write and design layouts or deal with all sorts of problems you can run into when creating a static website, because of all the blogging platforms available. After the initial set up which will only take a few minutes, you are on your way and you can start publishing your blog without too many difficulties.

Blogging does not have to cost a lot. Better even, you can set up and run your own blog for free on platforms like wordpress.com or blogger.com. Even if you decide to buy your own domain name to be able to grow a more serious business, you can still host those blogs for free on the same platforms mentioned just now.

Blogging is great for building credibility. In a matter of a few months you will see that the more experienced you become in writing about the topic of your choice, people will start appreciating you more. After all, they can look back in your posting history and read all the articles you have published and they will soon realize that you know what you are talking about. Credibility builds loyal readers and future buyers so keep that in mind when you set up your blog.

Blogging offers a multitude of ways to start building your market. Even though you might be your own reader in the beginning, if you start talking with your friends and family about the blog you are writing, they might become readers and start referring you to their friends and relatives. You could start participating in other blogs related to your topic, commenting on their posts and inviting them to come over to yours or join a social network to share you blog with the rest of the world.

You will see that in no time your blog will start growing and the business opportunities becoming endless. SEO writing is another important step in your blogging journey. In order to improve seo you have various ways like making your content more SEO friendly or hire someone to make your blog more inclined to SEO.

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