5 Things the PlayStation 3 Does Well that My Xbox 360 Doesn’t Do at All


I love my Xbox 360 and I’ve kind of steered clear of the PlayStation 3, but although I’m a huge Xbox 360 fan, I can’t help but notice the merits of the PS3 and the following are several things I wish my Xbox 360 could do that the PS3 does already.


That’s right, I said it. The staple of most PS3 fanboys Xbox 360 vs. PS3 arguments, the PlayStation 3’s Blu-ray player, is a feature that I’d absolutely love to see on the Xbox 360 console – but will likely never happen. I remember the big HD DVD vs. Blu-ray battle and it’s unfortunate that my gaming console came up with the short stick in that battle – but Xbox 360 fans shouldn’t have to suffer without being able to have a Blu-ray player forever.

Rechargeable Controllers

I stopped by a local Best Buy with my younger brother (a huge PS3 fan) and I stopped by the gaming section to buy an addition NyKo rechargeable battery for my Xbox 360 controllers, when my brother started another one of his PS3 vs. Xbox 360 rants. I was shocked when my brother revealed to me that the PS3 controllers didn’t run on batteries and came with a rechargeable USB cable. Now why can’t we have something like that on the Xbox 360?

Internet Browsing Capabilities

It’s odd, but Microsoft is the creator of the most popular internet browser in existence – Internet Explorer – and yet and still, the Microsoft Xbox 360 is the only current generation gaming system that doesn’t have the ability to browse the internet. Browsing the internet on the Xbox 360 would open up added features to the Xbox 360 like browsing videos on Hulu and YouTube, “true” social networking browsing, and more. We know that Microsoft can access the web because we pay them for online service and they spam the Xbox 360 Dashboards with ads – so why is it that we can’t have an internet browser on the Xbox 360.

Non-proprietary Hardware

Microsoft usually got rid of its Memory Unit storage devices and now allows non-proprietary USB flash drive support [although they do offer expensive proprietary Xbox 360 flash drives], but Microsoft has a long way to go in freeing up their console from Microsoft only products. Sony allows just about any Bluetooth headset to work with the PS3, doesn’t have a proprietary internal hard drive [like Microsoft’s Xbox 360], had USB flash drive support before the Xbox 360, and offers more flexibility than the Xbox 360.

Free Online Gaming

The PlayStation Network (PSN) is free for PlayStation 3 owners and makes me and other Xbox 360 fans wonder – “Why the heck are we paying $60 a year for Xbox Live – and we still don’t have a web browser?” Having a free online service ensures that all of your friends will have the ability to connect with you online – so long as they have a PS3 – and makes for a more connected community than the one provided by Microsoft on the Xbox 360.

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