5 Tips for Playing Dope Wars on Facebook

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If you are like me, addicted to Dope Wars on Facebook, then you are probably looking for the best ways to make a lot of money and fast. Or maybe you are just starting to get into Dope Wars and you need some tips on how you can increase your money so that you can upgrade your mansion or get that jet plane to travel overseas. No matter whether you are a beginner or already a Dope Wars addict, follow some of the 5 tips below for playing Dope Wars on Facebook, and your imaginary drug funded revenue stream with greatly increase, and quickly. It is just like playing Bandar bola terpercaya. It is easy and you’ll definitely enjoy it

Tips for Playing Dope Wars on Facebook: Take some time to learn a good price to buy a drug at, as well as a good price to sell a drug at.

If you just start right off by purchasing a drug at any old price and then start hunting around for a higher price to sell the drug at, you might find that you have purchased the drug as a good selling price, and will then lose money on that drug. If you are starting with weed, then you will want to buy it for around $10 and sell it for around $200 dollars, this will make your money grow, and fast. The key to playing Dope Wars on Facebook is to be a savvy business person. No matter what drug you decide to deal with, you will want to get to know around what price is its lowest and around what price is its highest so that you know your limits for buying and selling.

Tips for Playing Dope Wars on Facebook: Grow your own, and plant it before you go to bed.

Depending on the level of your dope lab, you can grow your own drugs for a certain amount per bag in a certain amount of time. Right now I have a dope lab that grows my drugs in 6 hours, so before I go to bed each night, or when I am done playing for the day, I invest all my money in growing a drug called “ST8 Drop” for $10,000 a bag, which I then sell when I get on the next day for around $21,000 a bag, more than doubling my money. When you first start playing Dope Wars on Facebook you will probably find yourself wondering how all the other players have made so much money, and one of the keys so their large lump sum is definitely growing their own drugs to sell since it is cheaper than buying to sell.

Tips for Playing Dope Wars on Facebook: If you aren’t using it, put it in the bank.

When you make a deposit in the bank you are charged a fee, however, you are also given a certain percentage of interest for each day that your money sits in the bank, so eventually you are making money on your deposit, and the amount of money that you make increases daily since the principal amount, that interest is based on, increases daily. Don’t let your money just sit there if you aren’t using it, put it in the bank, then your money will increase without you having to do any work on Dope Wars on Facebook.

Tips for Playing Dope Wars on Facebook: Pay attention to the news, but don’t follow it blindly.

The News section on Dope Wars on Facebook can be a great source for finding the locations of certain drugs that are low or high in price at the time, however, you have to know good prices on that drug, because sometimes the news isn’t always so accurate. A couple days ago I was dinking around on Dope Wars while I was waiting for the bus when I decided to check the news, which informed me that speedballs where selling at real low prices in Vegas on the Strip. When I finally had navigated my way to the Strip, the news turned out to be correct, and by going back and forth between London and Vegas I was able to make over $500/bag off the speedballs. Other times I would follow up on a tip I read in the News section only to find out that it wasn’t a good one. So, pay attention to the News section of Dope Wars on Facebook, but don’t just follow it blindly.

Tips for Playing Dope Wars on Facebook: Invite your friends, you need the recruits.

You need recruits so that you can get key things so help you be successful at Dope Wars on Facebook, such as a jet plane, a boat, etc. Everyone knows how annoying a ton of program invitations on Facebooks can be, so make sure that you send the invitations to friends who you think would be most likely to actually enjoy playing Dope Wars on Facebook, or you could resort to sending the invitations to those people who you don’t know that well or don’t generally care for. No matter who the invitations go out to, they will help you gain key items for being successful at Dope Wars on Facebook.

There you have it, 5 very basic tips for playing Dope Wars on Facebook in a way that will lead to imaginary drug dealer success. Have fun playing!

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