Best Major League Baseball Forum On The Internet


After searching many different types of forums on the internet that had to do with baseball, I came to the realization that they also had to do with football, basketball, hockey, and sometimes a few other sports depending on where you searched. Then, then I came to and was surprised to find a true professional forum that was nothing but baseball.

It was quite intriguing to look over each category in their forum and see how much effort they put into every single baseball team in major league baseball. So, I went ahead and signed up, wanted to test the waters and find out what you could do, what you couldn’t do, things of that nature. One of the nicest things I found was the fact that their “Shoutbox” was at the top of the page and just flowing with people talking up all kinds of baseball and continuous promotions. For those of you who don’t know what a shoutbox is, it’s simply a little chat box, where you can immediately converse with someone instead of waiting for their comments to be posted. I just popped a simple hello in the box, and Bam! “Hey how you doing”? and “Welcome to the forum” , there was about eight people in there at the time and all were friendly, lol, even though I am a Cubs fan. That was certainly a plus to see a friendly forum, and not a bunch of people just bashing each other which I found on many other forums.

So after talking with them for about thirty minutes, I wanted to actually check out each section of forum and see how each team’s fans were conversing through different types of threads. Of course the most popular is the New York Yankees and is constantly updated everyday with new news and suggestions, tidbits, and other things to keep you informed about the team and how they are doing on and off the field.

Really it’s like that for every team. There are a couple exceptions where fans are lacking such as the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Colorado Rockies, that are not constantly updated, but I imagine as more people go to this forum, more posts will be made on those teams. is not the newest forum being on the internet for a couple years as of 2007, but with no advertising done until now it has gone from unknown to forum stardom overnight. The websites that have increased their stardoms should be verified through the sites. The Internet speed of the personal computer should be good.

Newly appointed administrator SouthSiders (his username on the website) has come in with extreme optimism and bolstered the fan base for the site. He has been on the site for one month where there used to be only 161 members over a 2 year period. However, in the last 3 weeks has accumulated 303 new members which means it is only going to get bigger, and better for that matter. They even have a myspace page for all baseball fans to see where you can represent with your favorite team on their page. I have placed a link for it in the supporting links section.

So, whether you are a diehard fan of a particular team, or you just want to chat and talk baseball with fans of the same team this I believe is a great place to start. Once your in, it will be hard to leave with all this information at your fingertips and nothing but time standing in your way of reading and commenting on it all. Occasionally, you might even want to take a stab at commenting on a team you don’t like just to have debate over who is better. It’s part of the fun, and extremely addicting.

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