Boost your Typing Skills through these Helpful Free Online Games

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The Internet holds numerous forms of amusement and this include online flash games. One can find any type of games like Situs Judi poker online, tower defense games, zombie games, action, adventure, racing, shooting, educational games, typing games, and other kinds of games. Typing games are one of the most useful of these games.

Teaching children keyboarding with the use of typing teaching tools can be difficult but if you incorporate fun on it, you may stimulate children to learn. Fortunately, there are many typing games that can be found online and they are free to use. Here are some typing games that can help children to learn to type or hone their typing skill.

First game is the Sun Stories. Here you will need to type the letter inside the stars in order to feed the sun and make it bigger. This is pretty easy except for the fact that you need to evade meteors and asteroids thrown by a black hole as well as UFOs. Use the arrow keys to control the sun’s direction. Timing is important when typing the letter and avoiding the obstacles. You can get a bonus once you completed the letters of the given word displayed on the lower part side of the game. Although this game does not really teach gamers how to type properly, it is a good typing introduction to children.

Next game is the The Key Master. This requires you to type fast and you should be able to type without looking on the keyboard. There are four levels of difficulty; apprentice, dabbler, master and grandmaster. If you are a beginner, you should choose ‘apprentice’ and then proceed from there. You are a wizard and you need to defend yourself by typing the words seen together with your enemies before they reach you. You will have special bonuses like healing potion, super nova and keys which you need to type also in order to use them. ‘Super nova’ is particularly helpful when there too many enemies around you so you need to use this wisely. This game is not really recommended for those who are not yet touch typist otherwise you will lose easily. However, this is a great game to improve typing speed and accuracy.

Lastly, is the Touch Typing game. This is not really a typing game but more of a typing tutor to test how good your typing skill has become. Here you need to copy and paste text on the text box and then the game will proceed displaying the keyboard and the first few words of the text you pasted that you will need to type in. Here you will see the level of your typing skill and learn if you still need improvement.

Learning to type is not at all tedious if you know what tools to use. For children, typing games are perfect for them.

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