Caricatures-Laugh Louder At Yourself Than Others

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What is considered to be the best form of art? How is an artist respected for his artistic talent? What does he have that others don’t? What makes him occupy a significant place in the hearts of the common man that others, equally hard working and talented, don’t get to?

Artists are basically people who are passionate about their craft and who revere their art form with the utmost devotion and commitment. They are so loyal to their passion that they have, on many occasions, even rejected the idea of selling their talents in exchange for significant monetary gains.

Yes, it seems very strange to hear that an artist refusing to take financial gains only because his art form is considered worthy enough to be taken by the buyer/purchaser.

A cartoonist too is an artist as he is into drawing and sketching out his massive train of thoughts in writing and in the form of he has perceived in his heard.

Caricature is also an important extension of drawing out anything to portray it in an exaggerated manner in order to make it look hilarious.

At the same time, it should also be understandable to the average common man as its main purpose is to provide social messages of philosophy in a satirical and humorous way.

Caricatures are basically very easy to learn and ones which provide you your skills in drawing and enhancing it further.

Here are some steps on how to do it:

  • Keep it simple: When drawing out something on paper, the facial features should look good at first as some of them are distractive so as to pull the attention away from what you want to show.
  • Exaggeration level: All humans have the same body and the same parts but what makes them unique and identifiable are the size, shape and structure of each of the parts so try to exaggerate it as much as possible as it draws attention on the features

  • After the 2nd step, make sure that the features are visually good and believable.

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