Cheap, Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts: Coupons, Cards, Dinners And More

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Expensive cars and diamonds are wonderful gifts for Valentine’s Day, but if you are like me, – “common folk” – they are a little out of the budget. You can give some wonderful gifts that don’t have to break the bank. They require a little extra thought and time, but isn’t that what the day is all about? Thinking about the one you love and taking the time to give a remembrance. Men, take heed. If you take the time to make a gift that shows you care, aside from putting a ribbon on your privates and walking into the living room (Although it might be interesting to see the reaction, especially if she has the neighbors over.), you will find your life to be a walk in the park at home.

Make a coupon book, for this you can use Lowes 20% Discount Code which is really easy to use and is free of cost. You can even print several other printable coupons from this website as well. It is really to navigate through the website so that you get your desired coupons.

Create a page of coupons for “special items” on the computer or hand write them. Use a harder stock to print the cover. There are several places where you can find icons and decorations to cut and paste. Here are two that have some interesting pictures for the front of your booklet. hl;=en um;=1 ie;=UTF-8 sa;=X oi;=images ct;=title

Punch holes in the sides and tie the booklet together with ribbon, or simply staple it. Instantly you have a gift. Perhaps you would like some sample items?

This coupon entitles the bearer to a free back rub. No reciprocation required. Necessary

For the light of my life, a free candlelight dinner that I prepare. The menu is your choice.

For the light of my life, a free candlelight dinner that I prepare. The menu is your choice.For the light of my life, a candlelight dinner prepared by me will be available when you desire. Good until February 13, 2009.

The bearer of this coupon gets a free back rub. No reciprocation necessary.

Present this coupon for 15 minutes of undivided attention.

The bearer of this coupon gets five minutes to complain with no argument.

Free kiss and make up. The giver of the coupon gives the bearer the right to mess up without any mention, if the coupon is presented immediately.

A free night of loving and affection. Your choice of method.

As you can see, these ideas are endless. If your hubby or wife is on a diet, then a free night of cheating could be one of the coupons. Make certain that you identify clearly that the diet is the recipient of the cheating and not you. If there is a favorite dish that your significant other loves and you hate, that can be a coupon. I love fast food tacos and Mike hates them. One year for Valentine’s Day I got a trip to a fast food Taco establishment. Since getting food from this establishment has always been a point of contention, I knew it was given in love. However, that night I had “taco belly” and the results were not conducive to a romantic evening. A coupon would have been better.

Make a special dinner.

This is a guaranteed winner if your partner is a food lover. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something quite unexpected. When I was pregnant with our daughter, I prepared beef tongue for Valentine’s Day. My ex-husband kept telling me how much he loved the dish, and I had never attempted it. It made me nauseas but he loved the surprise.

A simple word to the wise, avoid all gaseous foods. Regardless of whether he loves beans, it will destroy the mood later and all candles will definitely need to be extinguished before the effects set in.

Create a special card.

A homemade card with your own verse will be cherished for years. After my mother passed we found love poems that my father, the most unromantic man in the world, had written to her in high school. I would imagine that during the tough times, she went back and reviewed them to give her the stamina to continue the marriage another day. I can’t imagine anything more romantic and even if you are no poet, whatever you write will be cherished.

Make a special heart.

When I was creating articles for inexpensive gifts to make for Christmas, it reminded me of a very impoverished Valentine’s Day. I had made my then-husband a shadow box to hold all the medals that he received in high school. There still was a spot or two left. I bought a wooden heart at a craft shop, put an eyelet screw in the top, put a ribbon through the eye of the screw, coated it in glue and when the glue was almost dry, rolled it in small red beads to coat it. You can use glitter also.

Try one of the homemade Christmas gifts.

I have over 60 articles on homemade gifts for Christmas. Many of them are appropriate for Valentine’s Day also. Whatever you do or make, as long as it comes from the heart, you will be rewarded greatly for your efforts.

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