Check Out The Difference Between Linux And Windows Dedicated Servers – Introduction To Vps Hosting

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A virtual private server, abbreviated as VPS is a virtual platform that is sold by Internet hosting service as a service. Windows and Linux, both use VPS today. Numerous web applications run on windows servers. It shares a cost-effective benefit with its features getting upgraded regularly. Even though its scripts and software are expensive than the Linux based web applications, Windows dedicated server hosting is preferred for its advanced features.

Linux server hosting is capable of handling sites with high traffic volumes and sensitive content that need security on e-commerce applications.


Let us see the difference between the two platforms

  • Accessibility

Both, windows and Linux server hostings are capable of getting it accessed through FTP. However, Linux hosting allows you to access a server remotely unlike Windows.Linux takes the cake here. Coming to access intricate parts of the server, windows allows you to access them, unlike Linux. It gives you an advanced control option.

  • Design 

Linux hosting is developed keeping in mind the requirements of the technicians and the programmers. Applications are developed which are then made available to the end-user. This means end-user indirectly uses Linux platform. Per contra, when it comes to windows, it is designed in a way that it can be directly used by the end-user.

  • Language

Linux hosting server is developed with the help of programming languages like CGI, PHP or Perl programming language. Windows is designed with the help of ColdFusion, ASP and .NET. Also, Linux platform uses MySQL whereas windows uses SQL server or MS Access.

  • Security 

Linux is considered to be far more secure than Windows in spite of being developed on an open-source code. Hackers have tried to break through its secure wall, no doubt they failed due to a large community of Linux developers supporting the security

Though we see differences between the two, both have their advantages. Linux gives the feeling of security whereas Windows makes itself an easy-t-go platform.

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