Check Whether Your Iphone Is New Or Refurbished

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 As with the growing age of technology, each and everyone has a self phone. Whether it is a small child or a young person they all want a phone in their life. Everyone prefers to have a branded phone like Iphone. It is one of the famous n most loved phones by the people. People are literality crazy for this phone. If one has bought phone and wanted to know whether the iphone they have bought is original or not. As everyone wants to know that their phone is original or not, there are a few steps to known whether it is original or not.

Steps To Find If It Is Refurbished  

If one has given its phone for repair or they have bought new iphone and wanted to know whether the phone is new or the apps on that phone are functioning properly. Before it was difficult to know that but with the growing generation and smart people in our society. They want to check whether the phone is new or refurbished. To know if it is original or not there are few steps they are

1, Access the setting of the iphone

  1. Click on the general and then click on the abou5t
  2. Search for real mode number and ones your fine it read the model identified the number. The first letter of the number will tell you whether the Iphone is new or not

This is the way one can check the phone is new or refurbished. By knowing this method many buying iphone really a big deal and people buy it through lots of hard work. If they come known that their iphone is not proper at the correct time then it will be very helpful for them for replacing the device.

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