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I LOVE the game “Deal or No Deal” on TV! And since I love this game, I researched a few sites that offer this game online for FREE so I could play. Internet is heaven for gamers all over the world! You can visit sbowin, there you just browse among the various games, choose the one that best suits your gaming needs and enjoy everlasting hours of fun. You get smooth online gaming experience that you want.

When I googled for “Deal or No Deal” games I got a list of sites. As I scrolled through the list I noticed some were merely the same site. However, the ones I was able to visit are below. I have included the sites directly to the game (you will find the links at end of article), how to play, and whether the game was good or not.

So here they are:


When I hit the link I was directed right to the game and did not have to sign up to play game. Its very easy to play this game, however, it does not have the same feel as the TV show. The screen shows cases with numbers ranging 1 to 26 and the first case you pick is the one you keep. You then pick a series of six cases down to your final case. After each round a phone rings and up pops a phone that says, “Its the Bank calling. . .”. It then gives you an offer you can either accept (Deal) or decline (No Deal). And like the TV show “Deal or No Deal”, the offer is based on what your cases had. So the offer can go up or come down.

I decided to play all the way through by declining the offers (No Deal) and ended up with a case that had $5000.00.

This game to me was just okay. The screen was small, the graphics was not too exciting and very simple in layout. The sounds were also very simple and not too exciting. I would not go to this site for the Deal or No Deal feel and excitement.

This site of course offered other game in various categories.


When I clicked into this game, you could play right away. I was not required to sign up.

Like the Deal or No Deal TV game, the sounds and graphics were similar and the way you play is just like the show. What I liked about this game, was that it kept track of your offers. The GameGecko did not. It also had slightly better graphics.

I went all the way, declining all offers (No Deal) and ended up winning a $10,000.00 case.


At this site you are required to sign up so you can play. But its free so I did.

Now this game is different from the others. Its sound and graphics are by far the best. It even starts with the “Deal or No Deal” show theme.

The way to play is, you of course start out picking your case, it then mixes case clicking with brain picking quizzing. You pick a case and have a certain amount of time to answer the multiple choice question. If you answer correctly, three cases pop up and start spinning with the low amounts. You click on each case and the amount you end up is removed from the list. If you answer incorrectly, again three cases pop up with the higher amounts. Also as an added excitement, the game gives you side money. And the faster you answer in the time frame, the more money you get.

At this site you can also play against other players for what they call “Jewels” (tokens). They offer in this Deal or No Deal online game, games that have two players, four players, or ten players that you play againist. And offer from 3 to 20 jewels/tokens pots. For instance, if you are in a two player Deal or No Deal game, the pot is 3 jewels/tokens, if you are the winner, you get 2 out of the 3 jewel/tokens. And the more the players, the more the pot.

I liked this Deal or No Deal online game the best, just because of the animation, the true to show sounds, and the trivia questions with the time ticking away. It was quite addictive. I played for over an hour. If I recommend any site, it would be this one.

Which ever site you choose to play “Deal or No Deal”, have fun!

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