Do Hard Core Gamers: Are they considered Save States On NES Games Cheating?


With the continuous rise of online games and the increase of gamers across the globe, it is undeniable that the competition in different games available in the online community is getting fiercer and stronger. Hence, to stay competitive, gamers try their best to stand out from the crowd and become the best among the rest. However, sometimes, competition tends to become unhealthy. As such, some gamers tend to cheat in the game. One of the biggest questions that a lot of people ask is whether hard-core gamers consider save states on NES games cheating. To answer that question, here are some facts that you need to know.

For some players, if you are choose to run with the intention like timing it for official record keeping, then definitely it is considered as cheating already. But, on a positive note, if what you are doing is something that you want to do alone for your own entertainment and experiment, and if you are just having some fun, then it is no longer cheating. As long as you don’t degrade other players in the game, then it is totally fine and it doesn’t matter at all.

The word cheating is just a stigma associated to gaming since the advent of the Internet, in the late 80’s and 90’s kids would finely swap cheat codes and genie codes. Considering that you only want to use some codes for your own entertainment and just for your own perception only, then you cant use save states and claim that you are able to beat Ninja Gaiden with only one life. There are some cheating codes developed by ColossalCheats in 2019. It’s up to the gamers if they are going to use it for cheating purposes or not.

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