Dyson Animal Vacuum Versus the Oreck Halo Vacuum


The Dyson Animal is a great vacuum cleaner or staubsauger, as germans would call it, that has the best suction for a vacuum. The Oreck Halo has an ultraviolet light that kills germs, mold, mildew and mites. Both vacuums cost about the same amount of money but are they the same?
I had a Dyson Animal for the last four years. I gave that vacuum every possible test and it always passed with flying colors but one day my Dyson’s hose ripped. I was devastated since I am a neat freak and my vacuum would no longer work properly without the hose. I have many dogs and I don’t like dirt so I vacuum every day. This keeps me and my vacuum busy and we tend to spend a lot of time with each other. My vacuum has heavy use so I did not blame my Dyson when the hose finally gave out.

I could have bought a new hose for about $40 but then my husband found a great deal on a Oreck Halo germ killing vacuum cleaner. It kills germs and we could get it for a good price so I had to try it. I was 99% pleased with my Dyson why would I change?

The Oreck Halo arrived and right away I started to compare the vacuums. This is what I found out:

The Dyson Animal has great suction that picks up any animal hair in the room with little effort. The Halo had trouble picking up the animal hairs. I have a lot of spoiled dogs that have free roam of the home so maybe I have more hair to deal with then most folks. My Dyson never let me down with picking up animal hair. The Oreck did.

The Dyson has a dust cleaning system where you dump out the dirt after ever time you vacuum. Not a problem since I am use to dumping out the dirt every time I vacuum. The Halo has a bag that you don’t need to deal with every time you vacuum. You do need to purchase bags for the Oreck and that is a big disadvantage for me. I never paid a cent on my Dyson after the initial cost of buying the vacuum. But with the Oreck I did not need to clean out the dirt chamber every time I used the vacuum.

If you are looking for a light weight vacuum forget both of these vacuums. The Dyson and the Oreck are both heavy but they also are heavy duty when it comes to cleaning. I like them both.

The cleaning tools on both of the vacuums are handy I like them both.

The Dyson was easier to use when I wanted to clean up a corner or a hard to get at place but the Oreck fits under tables better then the Dyson. Some tables I don’t even have to move to clean under when I use the Oreck.

Both the Dyson and the Halo Oreck have a good filter. The Oreck uses the bag for a filter and the Dyson has a separate filter that never needs to be replaces you simply wash it every six months.

The Dyson does not kill germs but I think the Oreck does. They say the Oreck kills germs. After I used the Oreck I got down on my hands and knees to inspect the carpet. It had more dog hair on it then the Dyson left behind but the Oreck must have killed some germs since the carpets smelled better.

Both the Dyson Animal and the Oreck Halo are good vacuums. If picking up pet hair is more important to you then choose the Dyson. If killing germs is more important then get the Oreck. The Oreck might be better if you have small children playing on the floor. If you don’t like to buy bags get the Dyson.

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