Expert Tips For Choosing The Right Belt Buckle

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Most often an important factor in deciding a belt is its buckle. A buckle is considered an important feature of any belt. Whether you are buying an original or replica Gucci belt, or one from your local leather store, the buckle determines the final look of the belt. You can also choose to buy only buckles which can be attached and detached to a belt according to the outfit you wear.

What are the different buckle types and how to choose the right belt buckle?

The buckle of the belt is chosen mostly according to its shape as well as material.


  1. Plain

This is the most common shape of belt buckle. It is understated and versatile, and everyone should have a belt with a plain buckle.

  1. Frame

A frame-style belt buckle looks like a rectangular image frame. It is suitable to wear with formal wear, suits and semi-formal pants like khakis.

  1. Box

A box-frame style of belt buckle is appropriate to wear with a fabric belt or with thin belts.

  1. Plate

A plate-style buckle is great to pair with denims to give a chic and casual look.


  1. Brass

One of the oldest and classic styles of belt buckles is made of brass, or has a brass-like appearance. They can have some elaborate detailing or can be plain and simple. Brass is considered suitable to wear with several outfits.

  1. Pewter

This metal has a silver-like appearance and is cheaper than silver. Pewter belt buckles are often associated with carvings and detailing, and are considered apt for special occasional wear.

  1. Steel

Most contemporary belt buckles are made from steel or stainless steel with its characteristic metallic sheen. Such buckles go well with classy black belts. These are easy to maintain and are great for daily use. Steel buckles come in all shapes and sizes.

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