Fantasy Earth Zero Review


Fantasy Earth Zero or FEZ is a 3D fantasy mmorpg that heavily focuses on PvP (Player versus Player) combat on a massive scale. FEZ was originally published by Square Enix, the company famous for their Final Fantasy series published this game way back in 2006 for gamers in Japan but was closed down shortly after due to lack of demand. The game was finally picked up by game publishers Gamepot USA and brought the game back to life for gamers free to play with the opening of their North American server on March 2010.

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1st Impressions

Players who have played Final Fantasy before will immediately recognize similarities from the series playing FEZ, start menus and music feel as if it was right out of Final Fantasy 8. In game music is brilliant and will not annoy you as much as some mmorpg titles have. Game interface is simple and easy to understand and newbie friendly. On the down side, the game was released in 2006 which means game graphics will feel dated. More so on mmoprpg titles, as graphics are tuned down fairly to cater for more players and the massive battles in this game specifically.

Starting Off, Characters & Nations

Character customization is fair and provides variety with 5 body types, 3 skin colors, 7 face types, 5 eye colors, 7 hair styles, and 5 hair colors to choose. Characters in FEZ are straight to the point, you’ve got your basic Warrior, Scout and Sorcerer class to choose from. Warriors are great melee damage dealers, scouts can damage from afar with bows or wield daggers to strike from close range while sorcerers cast spells to hit from fair distance. Choose carefully as the game indicates Warriors will be good against Scouts, while weak against Sorcerers. Scouts will be good against Sorcerers while weak against Warriors. Sorcerers will be strong against Warriors but weak against Scouts. Although it is encouraged to choose your targets wisely, it does not mean a Scout will not be able to take down a Warrior and so on. In game, characters level up and skill points are gained to acquire new skills for the character. After creating a character, players will be given the choice to join one of the 5 nations available Netzavare, Cesedria, Yelsord, Hordaine, and Gevrandia. This will be your main purpose in the game, a soldier fighting the glory of your nation.

The Game

After completing a 3 course tutorial (which I advise you take as this will get your character up straight to level 16) players will find themselves their respective nation city. With no real indication of where to go and lack of quests, or guidance to a quest, players can jump straight to battle via the world map. The world map consist of the 5 nations, each with its own continent and arranged so with a neutral continent in the middle of the nation continents with battle maps in every continent. This is where the game really starts, with nations consistently warring against each other in the world, players will find it easy to jump in a battle and start fighting. This is the game’s real focus, a massive 50 versus 50 player versus player battle where strategy, tactics, skill and teamwork is vital to success. In battle, players can take on many roles and contribute to the team, be it mining crystals that work as credits to build structures and summons that are player controlled creatures that can tilt the tide in a fight, joining the melee at the front, becoming a builder etc. There many ways to contribute, and it is all up to the player. Empty battlefield maps can also be entered by players which hosts the various monster types that drops the occasional armor and potions.

Battlefield 101

In the FEZ world, nations battle it out on the continent maps to expand territory to reach a certain goal or objective map. Once a war has been declared on a battlefield, players fill in the positions of their respective nations and battle it out to take or defend that territory. Battles are won when the enemy’s castle a destroyed. Players build obelisk to expand battle territory so that they can build more structures to overcome the opposing side which gradually damages their castle. This is where the game shines, an epic battle between 2 sides struggling to take control of the map. Points are lost when a building is destroyed and players are killed. If a castle is not destroyed at the end of the 45 minute battle, the victorious nation will be the one with more castle points at the end.

All and All

Fantasy Earth Zero give players a new kind of experience by focusing more on PvP content. 50 versus 50 player battles are epic and fun. Good GM(Game Master) support and more content is expected to be added. Simple interface and easy to pick up. On the downside, players who are looking for more PvE(Player versus Enviroment) will find the game deeply lacking of any solid quests, story or background. Graphics are date. All and all Fantasy Earth Zero is a fun game that can have you playing for hour and days, a solid game for players looking for a PvP heavy game but once you reach that “what else can I do?” point, you’ll find that there isn’t much that you really can do.

Score: 3.5/5

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