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If you’re wondering when someone might upset the Apple cart, it won’t be any time soon. The creation of the iPhone by Apple has brought cell phones to a whole new level. As with any other modern day technological advancement, games are a huge part of cell phone entertainment. The days of “Snake” and “Racer” are over and a new form of mobile phone gaming has emerged. Fortunately, Apple has allowed some iPhone games to retain a free price tag, so a brief list of some of the more enjoyable games will keep you up to date on your gaming skills. The games below are very easy to play and at the same time provide challenge to players. It is like Bandar judi online that is very entertaining and exciting to play.

#1 “Doodle Jump”

If you enjoy fast-paced energetic games, then Doodle Jump is a good one to try. As your character attempts to jump higher and higher on clouds without perishing, it will achieve a higher ranking. This game requires hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, so gear up for a challenging test of your abilities.

#2 “Pocket god”

Role playing is not suited for every game player, but for those who love the intense dramatic sequence of events, this one could be for you. Many iPhone role playing game are not free, but Pocket god offers hours of play at no cost to you. As you create little pygmy characters, you get to play to role of master in their lives. You can affect the weather, create obstacles, and provide means of escape. Your god like powers allow you to manipulate the pygmies any way you choose.

#3 “Eliminate”

The iPhone by Apple just wouldn’t be the same without producing a free shooter game for avid gamers. This mobile first person shooting game allows a player to shoot cyborgs with great skill and accuracy. This fast paced game requires quick reflexes and speedy reaction time. Interestingly, the cyborgs in the Eliminate game are other live players who also own iPhones and have chosen to play the game with you.

#4 “Tap, Tap, Revenge”

Tap, Tap, Revenge is the iPhone mobile version of Guitar Hero. The lighted strings and corresponding colored tabs help you experiment with guitar playing skills. You can download top songs on the market place and create your own Tap, Tap, Revenge avatar. If you love music and enjoy playing video games while you listen, then this free iPhone game is a great option.

#5 “Cartoon Wars”

Cartoon Wars is really more like Stick Figure Wars because the players all have a simple stick like structure. The goal of Cartoon Wars is to operate a primal soldier, by upgrading bow and arrow type weapons, in a way that causes destruction to the enemy. The Medieval primitive setting makes this game seem more strategic and less like a pure and simple shooting game. As you protect your castle from stick figure opponents, you gain more points and more upgrading opportunities.

The iPhone game producers knew that free gaming would be a big incentive for many young cell phone buyers. Don’t expect their apple cart to upset any time soon. The fast paced scenarios, motor skill requirements, and role playing opportunities make this mobile phone an innovative design. These free iPhone games will keep you entertained and may even get you to buy other related games offered by Apple.

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