Guide To Fix Your Car Air Conditioner


There was a time when traveling in an air conditioned car was the epitome of luxury. But now this has become quite a common thing and all over the world car models without air conditioning are the exceptions. A car air conditioner functions more like a refrigerator does and has machinery with a lot of components. It is a comparatively much smaller piece of machinery than the air conditioners that we would normally have in houses or offices. Basically a car air conditioner has two sides; one is the high side whereas the other is the low side. The high side, which is the compressor of your air conditioner functions like a pump. This moves the refrigerant or cooling compound through the system through the expansion valve which is the low side of the system. This valve helps to reduce the pressure and this leads to cooling which further reduces the temperature within the car. This pushes in cool air into the car and the pressure differential ejects the warm air from within the car. You can visit แอร์ 36000 btuราคา to know more about your car’s air conditioning. You can even buy affordable tools and material that you might need for your repair.

Basic functions of air conditioners in a car remain the same irrespective of the make or model of the car. There may just be variations in sizes and capacities depending on the horsepower available in the engine. But like all mechanical things that are used over long periods of time, air conditioners can stop working or just not be effective enough to produce the required temperature difference between the outside temperature and comfort levels. You first notice the problems when the cooling is inadequate or totally absent.

How does an air conditioner in a car function?

Air conditioners in cars have five basic elements. They are the compressor, the expansion valve, the condenser, dryer which is really an evaporator and finally the refrigerant. The compressor is the power unit for the air conditioner and pumps the refrigerant through the system after compressing it. The refrigerant then goes to the condenser which serves to convert the refrigerant to a liquid form.

The refrigerant is at a high pressure which allows it to be in liquid form and this pressure is reduced by letting it go through the expansion valve before it is move to the evaporator. This refrigerant is now very cold and is passed through the condenser. In this unit the air around the condenser cools rapidly because of the refrigerant.

Problems in the air conditioner

In case the cooling of the air conditioner is deemed inadequate, one of the first things to check for is whether there has been any leakage of the refrigerant. This can easily be done through the use of fluorescent dyes that are available in any auto shop.

Most of these dyes come with detailed instructions and if these are scrupulously followed and the dye can be added to the system through the low pressure port on the air conditioner. You then need to check the system with an ultraviolet light to see if you can detect any traces of the dye. Such traces would indicate leakages and the piping needs to be checked for the source of the leakage and repairs made where necessary. Then the refrigerant has to be topped up and kits for these are again widely available.

In case no leakage is detected one then needs to check on the fuses, fan belts and all wiring that goes to the air conditioner. Replace any defective belt or frayed and broken wires. A frayed or loose belt would affect the running of the compressor so that it does not function as it should. Broken wires may lead to inadequate or no power reaching the compressor for it to function effectively.

Once you have gone through all these checks, test the air conditioner by taking your car out on the road and seeing whether the system is giving you the desired cooling. You can do all these things yourself, but in case you do not feel confident or cannot spare the time, showing it to a professional would get you results.

Source: How to Fix the Air Conditioning in a Car

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