Guidelines and tips lesser-known to players of top eleven


Top Eleven is one of the popular football management series of games available on various gaming platforms along with android and iOS. One can create their team choosing the best among them and also can make them play against many other gamer controlled teams across the globe. one can micromanage the team and the players in it by keeping in mind the strengths and weaknesses along with field strategizing just like in togel Singapura.

Tips and tricks

However, games like these need practice as they tend to have many hidden tactics in them. Therefore one might need some help in regard to various sections of the game. Some of the tips and tricks that can help are:

⦁ Team events: one need to participate in more events in this game to make a better stand of the team in the game. Also one shall not worry about injuries and fatigue of the players because it does not get worse if they play in events.

⦁ Players challenges: player events are also one of the major highlights of the game. One can save the best player for the scorer challenges and can also keep the rests, treatments and morale boosters saved for them.

⦁ Game adjustments: one can make adjustments in the gameplay and can also compare the players accordingly by advance scouting and by using morale boosters and drills etc.

⦁ Quick training and rest players: one should avoid these two options if one wants their players to be in top-notch condition for the games and events.

⦁ Add new players: one will need to get new players for the team other than simply training the existing one. one can scout the new players from the list brought in by one’s assistant. One can simply buy the players at its price without any bidding process to go through.

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