Have You Heard Of Baidu’s New Talking Translator?


With the advancement in research in the field of machine learning in AI, machine translators have been evolving. These portable translators help to translate from a foreign language to the target language, as selected by the user. For example, muama enence is a portable language translator which is great to carry around in your foreign trips.

In such a scenario, China’s largest search engine Baidu has come up with its own talking translator. The translator was an app before and now it has been launched as a device. It aims to translate Chinese language into various other languages all across the world, and vice-versa.

Features of Baidu’s new talking translator device:

  • It is a portable translation device

This means it is travel-friendly and can be carried anywhere in the world.

  • Helpful for Chinese tourists

The portable translator device is aimed to tackle language barriers for Chinese tourists traveling the world.

  • It has a compact size

Since the translator is aimed for travelling purposes, Baidu has designed it to be extremely compact. The size is smaller than a standard smartphone and weighs around 150gms.

  • It can work as a Wi-Fi router

An additional benefit of Baidu’s talking translator is that it can serve as a portable Wi-Fi router. It can operate in networks across 80 countries.

  • Very easy to use

the best feature of the talking translator by Baidu is its ease of use. Not only is it compact, but also very easy to operate and use. All you need to do is press a button on the translator device and speak. The machine translates the spoken words/sentences/phrases into languages like Chinese, Japanese and English.

  • It is quick and accurate

Baidu uses deep machine learning and other advance AI technologies in the translator, making the translator processing quick and accurate.

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