How Much Does It Cost To Build A Water Park?

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Water parks have been one of the rising outdoor places today. Since it has a growing popularity in different places across the globe, water parks have also become a target of business people and entrepreneurs. Based on research and studies, the profit of water park is quite positive. So if you’re interested to build and establish your own business park for business purposes, you certainly would like to know ho much does it cost to build a water park. To help you out, this article will go through that question.

Why Water Park?

Before anything else, let us first have a look of what a water park is and why should you invest in this kind of amusement park. Generally, amusement parts are very popular vacation destination of group of friends and families. In this destination, people will definitely enjoy and have fun with all the fun activities. But what will happen if you combine this kind of setting with water? Definitely, it will be awesome. That is why water parks are quite good business to establish.

How much does water park cost?

Most of the capital would go for the construction cost. According to some experts. It may cost you from $2500 and $300 per square meter foot . Below is a sample computation of the items of waterpark.

HVAC – $40,900

Building Shell – $299,300

Pools & Mechanical – $134,300

Snack Bar – $17,100

Theming – $50,200

Support Areas – $15,400

Waterslides &Recreation Equipment – $115,500

You may also check some commercial grade custom inflatable pool in the market that offers reasonable prices.

White water park may require big capital, studies show that the return for this kind of business or amusement destination can be worth investing for.

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