How Playing Video Games Can Make You a Great Manager


Managers can be good, bad or ugly. Then there are great managers, those who really shine in the workplace, receiving the recognition and promotions that others envy. These great managers are not born, they are bred through education and practice. Some possess natural attributes which gave them a head start, but this does not prevent others from catching them up through learning. You should visit situs judi to play online games like poker. It is a great way to sharpen your management skills as well, you get to play with other players and to win the game you must manage your cards and money skillfully.

There are many ways to learn how to become a better manager: books, training courses, or on-the-job experience. There’s also another way which is equally valid but is a little more unorthodox: video games.

When an employer is considering a potential new hire they want to know as much about them as possible, so that they can form an assessment of whether they can do the job and fit into the organization. A resume/CV and an interview or two can tell you so much, and some employers are adding to this be researching social networking sites, such as Facebook or personal blogs. This has raised some concerns about privacy – a great Sales Manager might also have a lifestyle of wild weekend parties, which they have documented online. Would this prevent them being a massive asset to the organization?

But what if a potential new hire’s idea of fun was playing online video games such as World of Warcraft? Would an applicant want to reveal that they were guild master in a fantasy world, or that they spent hours building and managing armies in Travian, which is a very different sort of game? There might be some embarrassment, particularly in front of senior managers who have never engaged with online entertainment, but these executives may not appreciate the skills such games can teach.

These games, and others like them, can be a rich source for learning about management and leadership. In order to achieve their in-game objectives players have to seek and manage resources, often by building relationships with those around them. They have prioritize their activities, and make important decisions; for some they have time to reflect and plan, but others require snap judgments with potentially dire consequences. There are opportunities for players to raise their profile, to be assertive and take command, and also to deal with rivals who threaten their position.

All of this is great experience for learning how to be a great manager in the real world. In today’s workplace managers are often faced with challenging objectives and need to manage scarce resources in order to maximize potential. Online video games give managers opportunities to learn how to analyze complex situations, think of their feet and lead a team with determination in a low risk environment. After all, if you lead your army to complete disaster in an online video game, the only thing that has been hurt is pride. But you probably learn from your mistakes and don’t do it again.

Even offline video games, such as Settlers, Civilization or Age of Empires, which are usually single player, can teach. They might lack the interaction with real opponents or allies, but they still place the same value on understanding objectives, the importance of planning, and skillful management of resources.

It is a farsighted employer who offers their managers the chance to hone their abilities by playing online games in the workplace. But it’s not too far-fetched to think that HR departments should start researching what makes someone a successful player in World of Warcraft or Travian, and matching these attributes with the needs of their organization. They might be surprised to discover that a great player can be a great manager.

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