How To Harvest The Cannabis Plant?

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There are numerous signals that indicate when the cannabis plant is ready for harvesting. Although mostly many plants differ due to different gene strains in different plants therefore the harvesting indications might vary but then there are some general traits which are more likely to happen in all types of cannabis plant variations when their harvesting period is round the corner. Some of the signs are:

  • The weight of the branches increase and they become slightly heavier.
  • The bud growth ceases and the final bud growth seems to be pretty large.
  • The major indication is given off by the leaves wherein they begin to turn pale yellow and curl they even might fall off if too old.

The best indicator- Trichomes

The people who grow cannabis are aware of what those pretty shiny crystals are. Those sticky sweet smelling materials are called as the trichomes. The trichomes are the most important tier of the cannabis plant. They are originally a part of the plant’s natural defense mechanism however the more commercial use of the trichomes is basically because the trichomes are the plant parts which are the store houses of the plant produce “cannabinoids”. The trichome nature is what defines the plant growth stage and its condition. Although the trichome stage determination is an intricate process it is the best sought measure to determine the time upon when to harvest. Generally when the trichomes are transparent it means that the plant is still immature however when a white cloudy dense mass seems to appear inside the trichomes it is when the plant is ready to be harvested.

How the harvesting takes place

The best times to harvest the cannabis plants are the hours of the early dawn. The upper parts or buds generally are ripened before any other part of the plant. The plant can all be chopped down at once however a sectional chopping yields better results. In the sectional cutting method firstly the plant stalk is cut halfway to let more sunlight reach to the lower parts which stimulate the cannabinoid production even more. Later these fattened up areas are cut just up till the soil level and the produce is collected. This produce can either be stored or sold up in the legal marijuana market to earn money however doing so is just the wish of the planters.

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