Is Free Drug Rehabilitation Actually Possible?

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Drug rehabilitation programs are not always forced. There are people who genuinely want to recover from substance abuse and look for rehab facilities to help them. However there is a certain unfortunate section of people who cannot afford such rehab centers. Alcohol and drug detox programs can be a costly affair and not everyone can afford them. Free drug rehabilitation centers are specifically aimed at those looking to fight off their addiction and don’t have enough money for the same.

Are free Drug Rehabilitation Centers for real?

Hard as it might be to believe, free drug rehabilitation centers are indeed for real. However one should keep in mind that not all free drug rehabs are reliable. Some of them practice dubious methods of detoxification that have no real evidence.  Some people even attempt withdrawal from substance abuse at home without any medical supervision, which again is never recommended.

Who  provides drug and alcohol detox programs for free?

The high cost of substance addiction treatment is out of reach for many individuals and families. It is for such willing but financially weaker section of the population that there exist State-funded rehab centers. Such centers provide help to overcome drug and alcohol addiction to those who qualify. These rehab facilities are funded by State revenue and form a part of the State’s overall healthcare umbrella.

There are also free inpatient drug rehab centers and free outpatient treatment programs available. These are quite reliable too. Some trustworthy organizations also cover the cost of treatment and provide free treatment to the needy.

Pros and cons of State-funded rehab centers:


  • They provide medical supervision to get rid of drug addiction.
  • Trained professionals provide good care to help patients to recover.


  • Equipments and facilities can be outdated.
  • Long waiting list to get enrolled.
  • Not a very comfortable ambience.

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