M417 The Best Gun in PUBG and PUBG Mobile


There is a lot of debate about whether which gun deserves the highest tier amongst them all. The game has a lot of weapons and this makes it a really hard problem on choosing what is the best gun you can use in-game. A lot of weapons have their own specific use and which situation it is the best to use, but if you’re going to ask which gun is the most versatile and the best of them all. The answer is M416. There is a reason why a lot of high-level players such as Shroud, Coffin, and ChocoTaro loves using it. There are a lot of points that make this gun the best gun in PUBG and PUBG mobile and this are;

  1. M416 is a non-crate weapon

This means that M416 is mostly available than a lot of guns out there. This point is very beneficial especially when you just drop off on that specific area on the map. The availability of the gun on the map means that it is easily accessible and you can use it in the early stages of the match. The stability and power of this gun can help you survive until later in the game which is why this gun has a lot of game impact.

  1. It is a beast when you collect all its attachments

Later in the game where you acquire a lot of equipment and supplies. The attachments you can put in on this game will be very game-changing. It is a very different kind of beast when you have all of it equipped. You can secure a lot of kills whether you are near or far. This gun also works best with 6x and 3x scopes. It has the best iron sights in the game which can help you get kills even when the enemies are far away.

You might not bring yourself to agree with all these points but trying it in-game will make your doubts disappear. So start playing player unknown battlegrounds esp now.


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