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Evening Handbags And Clutches By Coach: The Newest Collection

The renowned leather handbag designer, Coach introduces some of the most gorgeous and classy evening designer handbags and clutch purses this season. Coach features luxurious satin and classic leather designs. Here are a few of the most popular evening handbags and clutches by Coach.For High Quality Designer Replica Bags you can click here. You get the best quality handbags and clutches by Coach that you can gift to your loved ones. You can order them online and get the delivered wherever you want.

The Newest Collection of Evening Handbags and Clutches: New Madison Leather Clutch

The New Madison Leather Clutch is a pretty puckered charming designer evening handbag is ideal for any special occasion. This attractive leather clutch has an inside open pocket, a top framed closure, a metallic calfskin with fabric lining. The New Madison Leather Clutch by Coach has a gold tone beaded chain strap and is available in the color brass/bronze. Visit Coach online for your local Coach boutique for availability.

The Newest Collection of Evening Handbags and Clutches: New Jewelry Minaudiere

The New Jewelry Minaudiere has an attractive gold signature Coach design that is unique in style and highlights a 18 karat gold-plated Coach signature with a turn lock closure. This eye-catching evening handbag has a beaded chain strap and an exterior leather lining. The New Jewelry Minaudiere designer handbag by Coach is available in the color brass/gold and can be found online at Coach or your local Coach boutique.

The Newest Collection of Evening Handbags and Clutches: The Python Minaudiere

The Python Minaudiere by Coach is simply elegant and is the perfect addition to any special occasion wardrobe. The color python handbag has a turn lock closure, a python metallic cowhide lining and a beaded chain strap. This very pretty miniaudiere handbag is available in colors brass/berry, brass/black, brass/natural and brass/turquoise. Visit Coach online for availability.

The Newest Collection of Evening Handbags and Clutches: New Madison Lurex Capacity Wristlet

The New Madison Lurex Capacity Wristlet is a very pretty designer handbag that works well with any cocktail outfit. This sophisticated wristlet has a turn lock closure, a fabric lining, a Lurex signature with metallic trim and a strap with clip. The New Madison Lurex Capacity Wristlet is available in the color silver/black/gunmetal. Visit Coach online or your local Coach boutique for availability.

The Newest Collection of Evening Handbags and Clutches: Resort Woven Clutch

If you are looking for the ideal resort wear accessory, Coach introduces the very stylish Resort Woven Clutch. The Resort Woven Clutch has an inside zip pocket, a turn lock closure, metallic leather, a woven pattern and fabric lining. This delightful clutch handbag can be used as a smaller accessory with any larger handbag with a strap with clip. The Resort Woven Clutch by Coach is available in the color brass/platinum. Visit Coach online or your local Coach boutique for availability.

If you are looking for the perfect evening handbag or clutch, visit Coach for the latest collection in unique designs and styles.

Product Review: Archos 704 WiFi Personal Media Player

With the popularity of the Apple iPhone, you’d think no one ever saw a WiFi-equipped gadget before. The Archos 704 WiFi PMP is a small device that features a full HTML browser in addition to the excellent movie playing feature.
If you’re looking for a personal movie player that can do a little more, the Archos 704 WIFI has likely crossed your mind. If you’re interested in this device, read on. This review will list the pros and cons of purchasing the 704, as well as any issues you should take into consideration before handing over the money.


The 704 is very similar in design to the previous versions of this player. The body is sleek silver color and is composed of plastic. The navigation and control buttons don’t line the right side of the unit as they do with the previous versions, however – instead, the screen is wide and easy to see.
The connection ports, such as the AV ports and headphone jack, run along the edges of the device. There is a small ridge for the stylus to slip into.


The Archos 704 comes with a 7″ TFT touchscreen. The capacity is 80GB, which is enough to hold about 20 full-length theatrical movies. There’s support for both NTSC and PAL video input/output, and initial support for WMV and MPEG 4 movie formats. Additional format support can be purchased from Archos for about $20 each.
The unit can also be used as an on-the-go photo viewer and has support for JPEG, PNG, and BMP photos.
If you decide that you want to listen to music with the device, though I couldn’t imagine why, there’s support for WMA, WAV, WMA DRM, PCM, MP3, and AD PCM.

WiFi Feature

The device’s most prominent feature is the WiFi, which allows for easy on the go web surfing. The 704 comes loaded with Opera, which is disappointing, as not every site you could want will work with it. It would be better if it had Firefox. You may also want to consider looking for some superboost wifi review so you can choose the best tools that could be integrated into your personal media player.


Opera is the only browser option, which isn’t the best choice, though it could be worse.
Despite the fact that this device is primarily a video player, it has better support for audio, with only two poor choices for video use.

The Opera browser supports neither Java nor Flash, which means no YouTube and no games.


Overall, this device comes in a bit disappointing. The support isn’t centered and tends to favor larger-file size codecs over the more common ones (such as DivX). The unit is large and easy to see, but the features are generally lacking. The WiFi is a nice idea but isn’t the best thanks to the browser choice.

How Playing Video Games Can Make You a Great Manager

Managers can be good, bad or ugly. Then there are great managers, those who really shine in the workplace, receiving the recognition and promotions that others envy. These great managers are not born, they are bred through education and practice. Some possess natural attributes which gave them a head start, but this does not prevent others from catching them up through learning. You should visit situs judi to play online games like poker. It is a great way to sharpen your management skills as well, you get to play with other players and to win the game you must manage your cards and money skillfully.

There are many ways to learn how to become a better manager: books, training courses, or on-the-job experience. There’s also another way which is equally valid but is a little more unorthodox: video games.

When an employer is considering a potential new hire they want to know as much about them as possible, so that they can form an assessment of whether they can do the job and fit into the organization. A resume/CV and an interview or two can tell you so much, and some employers are adding to this be researching social networking sites, such as Facebook or personal blogs. This has raised some concerns about privacy – a great Sales Manager might also have a lifestyle of wild weekend parties, which they have documented online. Would this prevent them being a massive asset to the organization?

But what if a potential new hire’s idea of fun was playing online video games such as World of Warcraft? Would an applicant want to reveal that they were guild master in a fantasy world, or that they spent hours building and managing armies in Travian, which is a very different sort of game? There might be some embarrassment, particularly in front of senior managers who have never engaged with online entertainment, but these executives may not appreciate the skills such games can teach.

These games, and others like them, can be a rich source for learning about management and leadership. In order to achieve their in-game objectives players have to seek and manage resources, often by building relationships with those around them. They have prioritize their activities, and make important decisions; for some they have time to reflect and plan, but others require snap judgments with potentially dire consequences. There are opportunities for players to raise their profile, to be assertive and take command, and also to deal with rivals who threaten their position.

All of this is great experience for learning how to be a great manager in the real world. In today’s workplace managers are often faced with challenging objectives and need to manage scarce resources in order to maximize potential. Online video games give managers opportunities to learn how to analyze complex situations, think of their feet and lead a team with determination in a low risk environment. After all, if you lead your army to complete disaster in an online video game, the only thing that has been hurt is pride. But you probably learn from your mistakes and don’t do it again.

Even offline video games, such as Settlers, Civilization or Age of Empires, which are usually single player, can teach. They might lack the interaction with real opponents or allies, but they still place the same value on understanding objectives, the importance of planning, and skillful management of resources.

It is a farsighted employer who offers their managers the chance to hone their abilities by playing online games in the workplace. But it’s not too far-fetched to think that HR departments should start researching what makes someone a successful player in World of Warcraft or Travian, and matching these attributes with the needs of their organization. They might be surprised to discover that a great player can be a great manager.

Boost your Typing Skills through these Helpful Free Online Games

The Internet holds numerous forms of amusement and this include online flash games. One can find any type of games like Situs Judi poker online, tower defense games, zombie games, action, adventure, racing, shooting, educational games, typing games, and other kinds of games. Typing games are one of the most useful of these games.

Teaching children keyboarding with the use of typing teaching tools can be difficult but if you incorporate fun on it, you may stimulate children to learn. Fortunately, there are many typing games that can be found online and they are free to use. Here are some typing games that can help children to learn to type or hone their typing skill.

First game is the Sun Stories. Here you will need to type the letter inside the stars in order to feed the sun and make it bigger. This is pretty easy except for the fact that you need to evade meteors and asteroids thrown by a black hole as well as UFOs. Use the arrow keys to control the sun’s direction. Timing is important when typing the letter and avoiding the obstacles. You can get a bonus once you completed the letters of the given word displayed on the lower part side of the game. Although this game does not really teach gamers how to type properly, it is a good typing introduction to children.

Next game is the The Key Master. This requires you to type fast and you should be able to type without looking on the keyboard. There are four levels of difficulty; apprentice, dabbler, master and grandmaster. If you are a beginner, you should choose ‘apprentice’ and then proceed from there. You are a wizard and you need to defend yourself by typing the words seen together with your enemies before they reach you. You will have special bonuses like healing potion, super nova and keys which you need to type also in order to use them. ‘Super nova’ is particularly helpful when there too many enemies around you so you need to use this wisely. This game is not really recommended for those who are not yet touch typist otherwise you will lose easily. However, this is a great game to improve typing speed and accuracy.

Lastly, is the Touch Typing game. This is not really a typing game but more of a typing tutor to test how good your typing skill has become. Here you need to copy and paste text on the text box and then the game will proceed displaying the keyboard and the first few words of the text you pasted that you will need to type in. Here you will see the level of your typing skill and learn if you still need improvement.

Learning to type is not at all tedious if you know what tools to use. For children, typing games are perfect for them.

Sensibly Choosing Cradle Mattresses

Most parents using cradles for their baby need will also need something just as important – a cradle mattress. Since most cradles don’t usually come with a mattress – parents have to go out and get one. So if you’re one of them, how do you know which mattress to buy? Or how do you choose a good one? First of all, what is a cradle mattress? As cradles are usually smaller versions of cribs, then these mattresses are smaller versions of baby crib mattresses, which in turn, are also smaller versions of adult mattresses!

Cradles and cradle mattresses also come in standard sizes, but some cradles are custom made or shapes (some are so small and compact – they’re even portable) same like adult beds which are popularly known as captains bed full. If the baby’s cradle isn’t custom – sized, most manufacturers or mattress stores can have the mattress custom – sized to fit it snuggly. Remember that mattress should fit the cradle perfectly, and that there shouldn’t be any space in between the edge of the cradle and the mattress. That’s why it’s always important to measure the size of the cradle when you’re going out to buy one. Or better yet – bring the cradle to the mattress store to make sure that you get the perfect fit!

As most cradles are smaller and shallower than cribs, most cradle mattresses available are also relatively thinner in comparison to regular mattresses and baby crib mattresses. Most are only one to two inches thick. They actually look like baby exercise mats rather than mattresses. But you shouldn’t need to worry about your baby’s comfort. Babies will need a firm surface for them to sleep on; so a mattress thinner that what adults are used to wouldn’t really be an issue.

Most cradle mattresses are made of the same materials as regular mattresses. They can be regular foam mattresses or foams with viscoelastic (the material used in back pain mattresses) or innerspring mattresses. Regular foam or viscoelastic mattresses are more lightweight than innerspring mattresses, and can be used as changing pads for your baby. Viscoelastic foam mattresses are more expensive that regular foam mattresses because they provide proper back and support for you baby. Innerspring mattresses are heavier but are firmer and can be used for a very long time. There are also mattresses made of organic material. They may be a little more expensive than regular mattresses, but they do have added benefits for your baby. The cotton filling inside organic mattresses have not been conventionally farmed – meaning they have not been used with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Organic mattresses are not treated with any chemicals such as formaldehydes and solvents which are found in foam mattresses.

Make sure that your baby cradle cover is also water proof, as babies are usually messy little creatures. Having a waterproof mattress can save you from the hassle in case of urine leaks or messy stools. Other cradle mattresses have anti-microbial layers that keep the mattress germ free for a certain amount of time.

In choosing a mattress for your baby’s cradle, it’s also best to take your budget into consideration – as long as you can afford it, then you should never compromise the health and safety of your baby by buying a cradle mattress of low quality. And remember to choose sensibly, as expensive mattresses aren’t necessarily the best ones!

Pokemonheartgold&Amp; Soulsilver Ds Game Review

It’s finally come, the new Pokemon games HeartGold and SoulSilver. Are they really worth all the hype they’re getting? Sure it’s been a while since the last release of a true Pokemon game, and people were getting antsy, but the graphics are only minimally improved, and the sound is the same quality you’d find on a Game Boy.

Aside from those minor setbacks, the creators of Pokemon have outdone themselves. We can once again be sucked into the addictive world, as these remakes of the old Pokemon games Gold and Silver bring us back to where we began. There’s even a great addition of a Pokewalker, a little device you clip onto your belt or pocket that counts your steps and acts as a mini Pokemon game. It’s too bad you need a very small screwdriver to attach the part that connects it to your belt, and the battery only lasts about 100,000 steps (according to the manual). It’s a great little gadget, and a fun addition to the Pokemon collection. With decision maker wheel you can have a lot more fun throughout the game. You can learn about different gameplays and how you can effectively and quickly increase your level in the game.


The pricing on this Pokemon game, as well as all other Pokemon games when they first came out, was ridiculous. $40 was a bit much for my wallet but I still pre-ordered it, caught up in all the excitement. However, the gameplay is not different from other Pokemon games, and you will get more bang for your buck if you wait for the price to drop a bit. Especially if you’re going to be buying a pricey game guide to go along with, as that runs about $20, and the additional Pokedex + Post game guide can run yet another $20-30, and it isn’t even to be released until June.


*The sound needs more improving, I’m tired of feeling like I’m playing on a game boy with the sound quality.

*You can’t control your character with the stylus. This would make it much easier on the hands and neck while playing.

*Pokewalker battery has a short lifespan.

*You need a special screwdriver to attach the clip onto the Pokewalker so you can wear it on your belt or pants pocket.

*You can’t use a different Pokedex, the Pokemon level up and learn different moves at different levels. This means if you really have to know, you have to buy the official Pokedex for HeartGold and SoulSilver.


*Two regions to explore: Johto and Kanto, instead of the normal one region.

*There are not only 8 gym leaders in this game, but 16!

*Advanced stylus-controlled menu functions.

*Less lag during battle scenes. They are noticeably faster than any previous Pokemon game currently available.

*Online battling is a great addition.

*Pokeathlon mini games are an addicting addition to the game, and I have spent the vast majority of my time playing them.


Great, but do they really have to split up the game and post-game scenarios? I don’t want to spend $40 to buy both guides, even though in the long run I know I’ll buy them both. The first guide is well detailed and colorful, with easy to find references and lists. There’s even a walkthrough checklist so you know what to do next if you’re stuck. As usual there is a detailed view of the first 8 gym leaders, including their Pokemon and levels. There are also handy little references as to what Pokemon can be found in the area you’re at in the game. Can you catch them all? Maybe not, but this guide sure can help a lot!

Overall, the games are good, but don’t rush out and spend $80 on the game and guides. Wait for the prices to drop, or even to come in used at your local game store. All-in-all, I guess we really still “gotta catch ’em all!”

Fantasy Earth Zero Review

Fantasy Earth Zero or FEZ is a 3D fantasy mmorpg that heavily focuses on PvP (Player versus Player) combat on a massive scale. FEZ was originally published by Square Enix, the company famous for their Final Fantasy series published this game way back in 2006 for gamers in Japan but was closed down shortly after due to lack of demand. The game was finally picked up by game publishers Gamepot USA and brought the game back to life for gamers free to play with the opening of their North American server on March 2010.

You can visit situs judi online terpercaya for more Fantasy earth zero reviews. You can learn more about the game as well, you get to know certain tips and tricks that you can use to become a master of the game.

1st Impressions

Players who have played Final Fantasy before will immediately recognize similarities from the series playing FEZ, start menus and music feel as if it was right out of Final Fantasy 8. In game music is brilliant and will not annoy you as much as some mmorpg titles have. Game interface is simple and easy to understand and newbie friendly. On the down side, the game was released in 2006 which means game graphics will feel dated. More so on mmoprpg titles, as graphics are tuned down fairly to cater for more players and the massive battles in this game specifically.

Starting Off, Characters & Nations

Character customization is fair and provides variety with 5 body types, 3 skin colors, 7 face types, 5 eye colors, 7 hair styles, and 5 hair colors to choose. Characters in FEZ are straight to the point, you’ve got your basic Warrior, Scout and Sorcerer class to choose from. Warriors are great melee damage dealers, scouts can damage from afar with bows or wield daggers to strike from close range while sorcerers cast spells to hit from fair distance. Choose carefully as the game indicates Warriors will be good against Scouts, while weak against Sorcerers. Scouts will be good against Sorcerers while weak against Warriors. Sorcerers will be strong against Warriors but weak against Scouts. Although it is encouraged to choose your targets wisely, it does not mean a Scout will not be able to take down a Warrior and so on. In game, characters level up and skill points are gained to acquire new skills for the character. After creating a character, players will be given the choice to join one of the 5 nations available Netzavare, Cesedria, Yelsord, Hordaine, and Gevrandia. This will be your main purpose in the game, a soldier fighting the glory of your nation.

The Game

After completing a 3 course tutorial (which I advise you take as this will get your character up straight to level 16) players will find themselves their respective nation city. With no real indication of where to go and lack of quests, or guidance to a quest, players can jump straight to battle via the world map. The world map consist of the 5 nations, each with its own continent and arranged so with a neutral continent in the middle of the nation continents with battle maps in every continent. This is where the game really starts, with nations consistently warring against each other in the world, players will find it easy to jump in a battle and start fighting. This is the game’s real focus, a massive 50 versus 50 player versus player battle where strategy, tactics, skill and teamwork is vital to success. In battle, players can take on many roles and contribute to the team, be it mining crystals that work as credits to build structures and summons that are player controlled creatures that can tilt the tide in a fight, joining the melee at the front, becoming a builder etc. There many ways to contribute, and it is all up to the player. Empty battlefield maps can also be entered by players which hosts the various monster types that drops the occasional armor and potions.

Battlefield 101

In the FEZ world, nations battle it out on the continent maps to expand territory to reach a certain goal or objective map. Once a war has been declared on a battlefield, players fill in the positions of their respective nations and battle it out to take or defend that territory. Battles are won when the enemy’s castle a destroyed. Players build obelisk to expand battle territory so that they can build more structures to overcome the opposing side which gradually damages their castle. This is where the game shines, an epic battle between 2 sides struggling to take control of the map. Points are lost when a building is destroyed and players are killed. If a castle is not destroyed at the end of the 45 minute battle, the victorious nation will be the one with more castle points at the end.

All and All

Fantasy Earth Zero give players a new kind of experience by focusing more on PvP content. 50 versus 50 player battles are epic and fun. Good GM(Game Master) support and more content is expected to be added. Simple interface and easy to pick up. On the downside, players who are looking for more PvE(Player versus Enviroment) will find the game deeply lacking of any solid quests, story or background. Graphics are date. All and all Fantasy Earth Zero is a fun game that can have you playing for hour and days, a solid game for players looking for a PvP heavy game but once you reach that “what else can I do?” point, you’ll find that there isn’t much that you really can do.

Score: 3.5/5

Best Instagram Marketing Strategies All Business Should Not Miss

Instagram is one of the best social media network where companies market their brands. You want to hop on such trend as well, that’s why you should know the best strategies to do so. You can begin by getting the services of Momentology for more followers and engagement. Then, proceed with valuable steps for efficient marketing.

Keep these Vital Strategies in Mind for your Instagram Marketing

  1. Always begin by switching to business account. Business Instagram accounts have essential features which would give you great marketing advantage. For example, it allows audience to talk directly to your brand, which makes it look more professional. Also, it allows paid advertising, audience demographic management, statistical analysis and other business tasks.
  2. Get acquainted with Insights. This is the mentioned business analysis tool which helps check the statistics of your audience and account. For example, it’s a great tool to measure impression and engagements. It lets you get demographics data of audience as well. And you can use such details to modify and improve your marketing campaign.
  3. Post the right enticing contents. No, this is not about nicely done photos, videos and articles. Instead, these are contents that connects to the audience and are relevant for them. That would pull them to your account to learn more about you.
  4. Strategize the frequency of your posts. Yes, you should keep your account alive to gain more engagements from the audience. But you shouldn’t overdo it, or else your posts will flood their accounts annoyingly. You wouldn’t want that because it would easily push them away.
  5. Work with influencers. Influencers are popular people with lots of fans, followers or subscribers. Working with them means your brand would have a chance to be seen by such large audience. Note, however, to find an influencer that’s relevant to your business, and one who shares similar target audience with you.

These valuable strategies would surely boost your brand on Instagram today. Of course, don’t miss to get services from Momentology for additional marketing advantage.

Guide To Fix Your Car Air Conditioner

There was a time when traveling in an air conditioned car was the epitome of luxury. But now this has become quite a common thing and all over the world car models without air conditioning are the exceptions. A car air conditioner functions more like a refrigerator does and has machinery with a lot of components. It is a comparatively much smaller piece of machinery than the air conditioners that we would normally have in houses or offices. Basically a car air conditioner has two sides; one is the high side whereas the other is the low side. The high side, which is the compressor of your air conditioner functions like a pump. This moves the refrigerant or cooling compound through the system through the expansion valve which is the low side of the system. This valve helps to reduce the pressure and this leads to cooling which further reduces the temperature within the car. This pushes in cool air into the car and the pressure differential ejects the warm air from within the car. You can visit แอร์ 36000 btuราคา to know more about your car’s air conditioning. You can even buy affordable tools and material that you might need for your repair.

Basic functions of air conditioners in a car remain the same irrespective of the make or model of the car. There may just be variations in sizes and capacities depending on the horsepower available in the engine. But like all mechanical things that are used over long periods of time, air conditioners can stop working or just not be effective enough to produce the required temperature difference between the outside temperature and comfort levels. You first notice the problems when the cooling is inadequate or totally absent.

How does an air conditioner in a car function?

Air conditioners in cars have five basic elements. They are the compressor, the expansion valve, the condenser, dryer which is really an evaporator and finally the refrigerant. The compressor is the power unit for the air conditioner and pumps the refrigerant through the system after compressing it. The refrigerant then goes to the condenser which serves to convert the refrigerant to a liquid form.

The refrigerant is at a high pressure which allows it to be in liquid form and this pressure is reduced by letting it go through the expansion valve before it is move to the evaporator. This refrigerant is now very cold and is passed through the condenser. In this unit the air around the condenser cools rapidly because of the refrigerant.

Problems in the air conditioner

In case the cooling of the air conditioner is deemed inadequate, one of the first things to check for is whether there has been any leakage of the refrigerant. This can easily be done through the use of fluorescent dyes that are available in any auto shop.

Most of these dyes come with detailed instructions and if these are scrupulously followed and the dye can be added to the system through the low pressure port on the air conditioner. You then need to check the system with an ultraviolet light to see if you can detect any traces of the dye. Such traces would indicate leakages and the piping needs to be checked for the source of the leakage and repairs made where necessary. Then the refrigerant has to be topped up and kits for these are again widely available.

In case no leakage is detected one then needs to check on the fuses, fan belts and all wiring that goes to the air conditioner. Replace any defective belt or frayed and broken wires. A frayed or loose belt would affect the running of the compressor so that it does not function as it should. Broken wires may lead to inadequate or no power reaching the compressor for it to function effectively.

Once you have gone through all these checks, test the air conditioner by taking your car out on the road and seeing whether the system is giving you the desired cooling. You can do all these things yourself, but in case you do not feel confident or cannot spare the time, showing it to a professional would get you results.

Source: How to Fix the Air Conditioning in a Car

Cheap, Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts: Coupons, Cards, Dinners And More

Expensive cars and diamonds are wonderful gifts for Valentine’s Day, but if you are like me, – “common folk” – they are a little out of the budget. You can give some wonderful gifts that don’t have to break the bank. They require a little extra thought and time, but isn’t that what the day is all about? Thinking about the one you love and taking the time to give a remembrance. Men, take heed. If you take the time to make a gift that shows you care, aside from putting a ribbon on your privates and walking into the living room (Although it might be interesting to see the reaction, especially if she has the neighbors over.), you will find your life to be a walk in the park at home.

Make a coupon book, for this you can use Lowes 20% Discount Code which is really easy to use and is free of cost. You can even print several other printable coupons from this website as well. It is really to navigate through the website so that you get your desired coupons.

Create a page of coupons for “special items” on the computer or hand write them. Use a harder stock to print the cover. There are several places where you can find icons and decorations to cut and paste. Here are two that have some interesting pictures for the front of your booklet. hl;=en um;=1 ie;=UTF-8 sa;=X oi;=images ct;=title

Punch holes in the sides and tie the booklet together with ribbon, or simply staple it. Instantly you have a gift. Perhaps you would like some sample items?

This coupon entitles the bearer to a free back rub. No reciprocation required. Necessary

For the light of my life, a free candlelight dinner that I prepare. The menu is your choice.

For the light of my life, a free candlelight dinner that I prepare. The menu is your choice.For the light of my life, a candlelight dinner prepared by me will be available when you desire. Good until February 13, 2009.

The bearer of this coupon gets a free back rub. No reciprocation necessary.

Present this coupon for 15 minutes of undivided attention.

The bearer of this coupon gets five minutes to complain with no argument.

Free kiss and make up. The giver of the coupon gives the bearer the right to mess up without any mention, if the coupon is presented immediately.

A free night of loving and affection. Your choice of method.

As you can see, these ideas are endless. If your hubby or wife is on a diet, then a free night of cheating could be one of the coupons. Make certain that you identify clearly that the diet is the recipient of the cheating and not you. If there is a favorite dish that your significant other loves and you hate, that can be a coupon. I love fast food tacos and Mike hates them. One year for Valentine’s Day I got a trip to a fast food Taco establishment. Since getting food from this establishment has always been a point of contention, I knew it was given in love. However, that night I had “taco belly” and the results were not conducive to a romantic evening. A coupon would have been better.

Make a special dinner.

This is a guaranteed winner if your partner is a food lover. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something quite unexpected. When I was pregnant with our daughter, I prepared beef tongue for Valentine’s Day. My ex-husband kept telling me how much he loved the dish, and I had never attempted it. It made me nauseas but he loved the surprise.

A simple word to the wise, avoid all gaseous foods. Regardless of whether he loves beans, it will destroy the mood later and all candles will definitely need to be extinguished before the effects set in.

Create a special card.

A homemade card with your own verse will be cherished for years. After my mother passed we found love poems that my father, the most unromantic man in the world, had written to her in high school. I would imagine that during the tough times, she went back and reviewed them to give her the stamina to continue the marriage another day. I can’t imagine anything more romantic and even if you are no poet, whatever you write will be cherished.

Make a special heart.

When I was creating articles for inexpensive gifts to make for Christmas, it reminded me of a very impoverished Valentine’s Day. I had made my then-husband a shadow box to hold all the medals that he received in high school. There still was a spot or two left. I bought a wooden heart at a craft shop, put an eyelet screw in the top, put a ribbon through the eye of the screw, coated it in glue and when the glue was almost dry, rolled it in small red beads to coat it. You can use glitter also.

Try one of the homemade Christmas gifts.

I have over 60 articles on homemade gifts for Christmas. Many of them are appropriate for Valentine’s Day also. Whatever you do or make, as long as it comes from the heart, you will be rewarded greatly for your efforts.

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