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Even the most diligent and efficient worker feels its inevitable lure. Perhaps in conjunction with a mid-morning coffee break, or later in the afternoon as the work day draws to a close and energy levels wane, and without regard to job or position it strikes — procrastination. Our brains feel tired, stretched to capacity, and cry out for relief. Why not indulge? Even the best employees can be found escaping into a little online solitaire at some point during the week. As for the rest of us mere mortals, who can resist procrastination’s siren song? From puzzles games to cards to word games, the internet boasts a vast range of brain break fodder.

A particularly favored game that has achieved an almost cult classic status over the years is Typer Shark. Created and developed by PopCap Games, this gem of a PC game helps the player to hone his or her typing skill, speed, and accuracy. In Typer Shark, the player controls a diver on his descent into the depths of the ocean in search of sunken treasure. Along the way, however, nasty sea beasties such as sharks and piranhas appear that want to devour him. In order to avert disaster, the player must type the words or letters written on the sides of these oceanic foes. There are four levels of difficulty from easy, in which the gamer will type at a rate of twenty words per minute, to expert, with a difficulty of seventy words per minute. For the hard-core Typer Shark fans, there is an X-treme level. The player can earn extra points for perfect accuracy, and there are secret bonuses, special treasure chests, and challenging bosses aplenty to keep anyone on his or her toes.

Typer Shark is available from a number of sources on the web. Not all of these sites are created equal, however. What are the best places on the net to indulge in a hump day round of Typer Shark? Read on to find out.

PopCap Games

The obvious first stop for any Typer Shark fan is the official Typer Shark site at PopCap Games. There the gamer can play directly through the internet using an online Java version of Typer Shark. For those PC systems with Java, the game opens in a new browser window and the player can use the Basic version of the game for free. PopCap Games also offers a free sixty minute trial download of the Deluxe version of Typer Shark, which boasts additional Adventure and Abyss levels and a Typing Tutor mode. True fans of Typer Shark can purchase the full Deluxe download for $19.95 USD. The PopCap website is well-organized, easy to navigate, and the in-browser online version of Typer Shark loads quickly.

Steam Games

Steam is a revolutionary force in video game retail. They offer a healthy range of high profile PC games such as the Half-Life series for download at a thriftier prices or in cost-efficient bundles. Typer Shark is one of their offerings. Unlike the PopCap Games site, however, Steam does not provide a free online play mode. Instead, users can download the sixty minute trial or buy Typer Shark Deluxe for $19.95 USD. For devoted PopCap gamers, Steam also has the complete PopCap collection for sale via download for $99.95 USD. This package offers not only Typer Shark but also other brain break favorites including Bejeweled 2 Deluxe, Peggle Deluxe, and Feeding Frenzy 2 Deluxe.

Yahoo! Games

Yahoo! Games is another great place to find Typer Shark. Just like the PopCap website, Yahoo! offers the Basic version of the game in a Java-based online play mode. Players can also find the free trial available for download here in addition to the Deluxe game, priced slightly higher at $19.99 USD. The site is clean and well-built, adhering to the consistently high level of most Yahoo! products. It does not offer anything more than the PopCap site, however.


Shockwave, producer and distributor of many internet-based gadgets and tools, also hosts a section devoted to downloadable games. As with the PopCap and Yahoo! sites, Shockwave provides the online Typer Shark free play mode, the downloadable free trial, and offers Typer Shark Deluxe for $19.95 USD. While the site is clean and efficiently organized, the loading time on the browser-based version of the game clocked in at the slowest of all of the websites.

AOL Games

Another host of Typer Shark as well as other web-based games is the megalithic AOL Games. This site rates on par with PopCap Games, Yahoo!, and Shockwave — users can access the free Java play, the free trial, and the full game download for a purchase of $19.95 USD. A unique feature that AOL alone offers, however, is a chat and play mode. Players can join rooms where, as they play Typer Shark, they can interact with other players using the technology of AOL Instant Messenger. Please note that this is not a multi-player version of Typer Shark, but simply a way to connect with other individuals engaged in the same game.

These websites are the best hosts of Typer Shark on the net. Not only do they offer all three versions of the game — free browser Java play, the free downloadable trial, and the Deluxe version for just about the same purchase price — but the sites are professionally managed and designed. Gamers can find Typer Shark elsewhere online at places like Coffee Break Arcade and Asatix. Such sites, however, are usually less refined in terms of design and navigation, tend not to offer the Java version of the game, and often simply refer the user back to the PopCap Games website. So the next time you feel the tug of procrastination as your brain cries out for a rest, point your browser toward one of these five sites and let it decompress through a few rounds of some much-beloved Typer Shark. Beside all these sites you can take a look at You get the best typer shark experience as you play the game with your friends.


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