Product Review: Archos 704 WiFi Personal Media Player

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With the popularity of the Apple iPhone, you’d think no one ever saw a WiFi-equipped gadget before. The Archos 704 WiFi PMP is a small device that features a full HTML browser in addition to the excellent movie playing feature.
If you’re looking for a personal movie player that can do a little more, the Archos 704 WIFI has likely crossed your mind. If you’re interested in this device, read on. This review will list the pros and cons of purchasing the 704, as well as any issues you should take into consideration before handing over the money.


The 704 is very similar in design to the previous versions of this player. The body is sleek silver color and is composed of plastic. The navigation and control buttons don’t line the right side of the unit as they do with the previous versions, however – instead, the screen is wide and easy to see.
The connection ports, such as the AV ports and headphone jack, run along the edges of the device. There is a small ridge for the stylus to slip into.


The Archos 704 comes with a 7″ TFT touchscreen. The capacity is 80GB, which is enough to hold about 20 full-length theatrical movies. There’s support for both NTSC and PAL video input/output, and initial support for WMV and MPEG 4 movie formats. Additional format support can be purchased from Archos for about $20 each.
The unit can also be used as an on-the-go photo viewer and has support for JPEG, PNG, and BMP photos.
If you decide that you want to listen to music with the device, though I couldn’t imagine why, there’s support for WMA, WAV, WMA DRM, PCM, MP3, and AD PCM.

WiFi Feature

The device’s most prominent feature is the WiFi, which allows for easy on the go web surfing. The 704 comes loaded with Opera, which is disappointing, as not every site you could want will work with it. It would be better if it had Firefox. You may also want to consider looking for some superboost wifi review so you can choose the best tools that could be integrated into your personal media player.


Opera is the only browser option, which isn’t the best choice, though it could be worse.
Despite the fact that this device is primarily a video player, it has better support for audio, with only two poor choices for video use.

The Opera browser supports neither Java nor Flash, which means no YouTube and no games.


Overall, this device comes in a bit disappointing. The support isn’t centered and tends to favor larger-file size codecs over the more common ones (such as DivX). The unit is large and easy to see, but the features are generally lacking. The WiFi is a nice idea but isn’t the best thanks to the browser choice.

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